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"Love that nutrition information is listed for each recipe."
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"I also like that nutrition info is given."
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"I like how the recipes provide nutrition information."
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"Just an excellent and well-written nutrition information app."
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"see detailed nutrition information for dishes including calories and points."
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"or view the nutrition information."
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"It really help me collect more nutrition information."
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"Wonderful for Nutrition info."
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"You should add nutrition information to this app."
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"get nutrition information for every menu item."
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"now with ' nutrition information ' input."
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"The nutrition information helps you make better food choices."
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Top Nutrition Information Apps

#1. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner - ranked #6 for recipe apps, #11 for ease of finding, #15 for food network, #21 for cook book,
"Love that it has nutrition info on each recipe" - "A fun and easy way to find awesome recipes! Search by ingredient or give your phone a shake to find inspiration. Then relax and feel the cooking stress...
#2. iFood Assistant by KRAFT - ranked #1 for tasting recipes, #3 for food ideas, #3 for dinner ideas, #4 for grocery store,
"and nutrition info is at your fingers" - "Treat yourself to the most appetizing app on the planet—the iFood Assistant. Delicious at your fingertips. Now you can use voice for search and ...
#3. Whole Foods Market Recipes - ranked #1 for healthy recipes, #4 for shopping list function, #6 for meal ideas, #12 for list feature,
"with nutrition information " - "We've updated our popular Whole Foods Market Recipes app to make planning, shopping and cooking easier than ever! FEATURES- Browse our collection of o...
#4. Foodle - Nutrition Facts - ranked #10 for food items, #29 for keeping track of food,
"There is nutrition information on foods I've never heard of" - "Foodle designed for iOS 7 is nutrition at your fingertips! Find nutrition facts on over 8,000 foods complete with all vitamins and minerals. How much ...
#5. HealthyOut - Free Healthy Food Delivery & Restaurant Nutrition Guide - ranked #7 for local restaurants, #12 for fast food, #13 for food choices, #32 for counting calories,
"Has handy nutrition information on restaurant meals" - "Looking for healthy food when you eat out? HealthyOut finds you dishes at local restaurants that match your diet and nutrition preferences. Under 500 ...
#6. BigOven 250,000+ Recipes and Grocery List - ranked #1 for recipe app, #1 for big oven, #1 for meal ideas, #1 for dinner ideas,
"or view the nutrition information " - "Take 250,000+ recipes, your grocery list and menus anywhere on your iPhone! Add your own recipes easily and view all your friends' recipes too. With ov...
#7. Nutrition Quiz: 600+ Facts, Myths & Diet Tips for Healthy Living
"This app gives lots of basic nutrition information " - "Stop guessing when it comes to your health! The Runtastic Nutrition Quiz app was created for you, as a fun, interactive way to bust common myths when i...
#8. My Wendy's - ranked #3 for nutrition info,
" Nutrition info + location" - "With select, premium ingredients and a variety of freshly prepared items, the options are endless! We’ve made it even easier to create your perf...
#9. Texas Roadhouse App for iPad
"add I nutrition info section" - "If you're a Texas Roadhouse fan, and you own an iPad, why are you even reading this? Hit that download button now. You want this app. Equal parts famil...
#10. CUSD Food
"and all the nutrition info " - "The CUSD Food app provides parents and students instant access to “all-things nutrition” in the Chandler Unified School District: •...
#11. CalcChef
" nutrition information input" - "Important: iPhone & iPad users, do NOT update!!Database bug discovered!!!! and strange UI behaviorUpdate is on the way !!Version 4.5 works fine und...
#12. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal - ranked #1 for fitness app, #1 for food diary, #1 for stay focused, #1 for food list,
"Gives me nutrition information not just carb and calorie" - "Lose weight with MyFitnessPal, the fastest and easiest-to-use calorie counter for iPhone. With the largest food database of any iPhone calorie counter ...
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