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"timely weather advisories and notices as National Weather Service."
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"breaking news alerts keep informed with national weather news updates."
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"tho they need to cross-reference with National Weather Service for accuracy."
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"Better than National Weather Service - you can see an entire area."
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"timely notifications from National Weather Service and very easy to read information."
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"I love checking my local and national weather."
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"Weather+ is one of the few apps that has International weather."
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"I liked the way it presents international weather information."
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"very reliable as to compared with other weather service applications."
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"Excellent satellite rendering of national weather almost in real time."
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"My Favorite weather site other than the National Weather Service."
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"Every time the National Weather Service experiences technical difficulties."
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Top National Weather Apps

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#1. AccuWeather - Weather for Life - ranked #1 for weather app, #1 for real feel, #1 for hour by hour, #1 for weather site,
"I rely heavily on the radar and national weather service warnings" - "Stay connected to the latest forecast with AccuWeather – Weather for Life. This free, award winning weather app features AccuWeather MinuteCast&...
#2. The Weather Channel and weather.com - local forecasts, radar, and storm tracking - ranked #1 for sunrise sunset, #2 for tv station, #2 for plan my week, #2 for hourly breakdown,
"This is the complete app for local and national weather information" - "Enjoy the best day possible with the most accurate forecast available. When you see the world through weather, It's Amazing Out There. Favorite feature...
#3. WeatherBug - Weather Forecasts & Alerts - ranked #1 for radar feature, #1 for hourly feature, #2 for live radar, #3 for web cams,
"and bring back the quick link to the national weather map" - "WeatherBug is a fast, beautiful, easy-to-use app that uses the best real-time, neighborhood-level weather data to help you Know Before™.Get acce...
#4. MyRadar Weather Radar – Forecast, Storms, and Earthquakes - ranked #1 for radar app, #1 for boaters, #1 for aviators, #1 for fast radar,
"I always used the National Weather Service radar on Safari" - "Thanks to everyone for making MyRadar so successful, with over 11 million downloads! MyRadar a fast, easy-to-use, weather application that displays ani...
#5. Weather Underground: Forecasts, Interactive Radar, and Weather Alerts - ranked #1 for wx app, #1 for weather data, #1 for ground clutter, #1 for 10 day forecast,
"Also the national weather service bulletins are quickly available" - "COMMUNITY POWERED WEATHERThe Weather Underground iPhone app provides the world's most accurate hyper-local weather forecasts in addition to interactive...
#6. The Weather Channel App for iPad – best local forecast, radar map, and storm tracking - ranked #1 for wc app, #1 for tv station, #1 for plan my day, #1 for hourly breakdown,
"with the best in local and national weather " - "Enjoy the best day possible with the most accurate forecast available. When you see the world through weather, It's Amazing Out There. FAVORITE FEATURE...
#7. Weather+ - ranked #1 for clock weather, #1 for weather coverage, #1 for background effects, #1 for background graphics,
"Easy to use international weather at your finger tips" - "Weather+, The original and most beautiful Weather App for iPhone & iPadFeatured in Apple's iPad and iPhone TV ad!!- New York Times: "The most usefu...
#8. Weather+ - ranked #1 for wheather app, #1 for basic weather, #1 for visual appeal, #1 for visual effects,
"Nice that international weather is available" - "The original and most beautiful Weather App for iPhone & iPad - with real Weather Condition Videos. FOR FREE - Get it now and join millions of othe...
#9. AccuWeather - Weather for Life for iPad - ranked #1 for long range, #1 for detailed forecast, #1 for extended forecast, #2 for plan my day,
"Better than the national weather service app which" - "The award winning AccuWeather – Weather for Life for iPad keeps you connected to your weather forecast with Superior Accuracy™ you can tr...
#10. NOAA Hi-Def Radar Pro - Storm Warnings, Hurricane Tracker & Weather Forecast - ranked #1 for storm tracker, #1 for def radar, #1 for radar map,
"I use the other weather service apps for the forecast" - "Limited Time Sale - 50% OFF - DOWNLOAD NOW!Simple yet powerful, this is the only app in the appstore that shows amazing real-time hi-def animated weath...
#11. WeatherBug Elite - ranked #1 for updated look, #3 for animated radar, #11 for map function,
"Accurate Nat'l Weather Service local forecasts" - "Download WeatherBug to Know Before™. Access the world’s largest network of weather and lightning sensors for the best forecasts, the fast...
#12. Weather Alert USA - ranked #1 for weather alert, #1 for push alerts, #3 for detailed forecast, #5 for radar view,
"Basically an app skin over the National Weather Service data feeds" - "Fast, practical, and comprehensive NOAA weather app.………………………………&#x...
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