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"CardStar stores all my loyalty cards on my phone."
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"Thanks for switching some of the loyalty cards back to barcodes."
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"Love that I know longer carry around my loyalty card."
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"Sooo much easier than keeping track of dozens of loyalty cards."
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"Makes not dealing with all the loyalty cards so much easier."
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"Very convenient-I never carry loyalty cards any more."
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"The app seamlessly adds your selected coupons to your loyalty card."
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"barcode view of advantage club and loyalty cards offline available."
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"Loyalty cards is a hit."
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"You can put all your loyalty cards on here."
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"So great not having to carry "old-fashion" loyalty cards."
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"Suggestions based on loyalty cards."
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Top Loyalty Cards Apps

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#1. CardStar - ranked #2 for space saver, #6 for get rewards, #6 for scan bar codes, #10 for backup feature,
"Now you loyalty cards are everywhere with you" - "Go Cardless with CardStar™ from Constant Contact. Fast, secure and easy!CardStar eliminates wallet and keychain clutter by conveniently storing...
#2. LifeLock Wallet - ranked #1 for store receipts, #3 for tracking spending, #10 for space saver, #21 for small business,
"Better than keeping track of all those loyalty cards " - "Lemon Wallet allows you to store a digital copy of all of your cards—ID, insurance, loyalty and payment cards—so you can access them when...
#3. CVS Pharmacy - ranked #1 for pharmacy app, #1 for photo section, #2 for uploading pictures, #2 for refill by scan,
"all stores should do this instead of loyalty cards " - "The official CVS/pharmacy iPhone App puts CVS/pharmacy, MinuteClinic and CVSphoto in the palm of your hand. Just download our app to “visit ...
#4. Belly - Free Stuff You'll Love - World's Best Rewards Program for Loyal Customers Like You! - ranked #2 for rewards app, #4 for passbook integration, #6 for local businesses,
"So much easier than carrying around a loyalty card and fun" - "Belly is a universal loyalty program that offers one-of-a-kind rewards at the businesses you love, replacing boring "Buy 10, Get 1 Free" punch cards wi...
#5. Swift Shopper: Shopping List and Coupons
"I like that the app also stores my store loyalty cards " - "With Swift Shopper scan all your items into your phone as you put them into your cart. Checkout with your smartphone and scan the barcodes right off th...
#6. CardMobili
"I love not fumbling around for store loyalty cards " - "CardMobili the award winning Digital and Mobile Wallet app.*****Winner of the Vodafone Mobile Clicks Award in 2010.*****Winner of the Audience Award of...
#7. Pushpins Grocery Coupons & Lists - ranked #15 for grocery shopping, #24 for coupons app, #31 for save money, #32 for list feature,
"I love how it syncs directly with your loyalty card " - "Download the app that Consumer Reports, the Washington Post, the Anderson Cooper Show, and the Clark Howard Show named a top grocery shopping app!Pushp...
#8. mobile-pocket - loyalty cards and passbook coupons
"You can add predefined loyalty cards or your own" - "Important note: We apologize, but unfortunately this version of our app contains a nasty bug which may cause an app freeze on start-up. We've already p...
#9. CouponCabin - ranked #7 for gas price, #10 for coupons app, #16 for daily deal, #37 for local deals,
"and add loyalty cards " - "Call off the search party; CouponCabin.com has a single, easy-to-use coupon app that does it all! With help from our app, you can save money at all of ...
#10. Google Wallet - ranked #7 for sending money,
"Very easy to add loyalty cards " - "Shop, save, and send money with a smarter wallet.* Carry your loyalty programs in the app and leave the plastic cards behind* Save more when you shop b...
#11. Stampt - Loyalty Cards
"Solid loyalty card " - "Stampt is a smartphone replacement for “Buy 10, Get 1 free” punch cards. You no longer need to worry about forgetting your cards. Stampt ...
#12. Wisely - Local Recommendations from Real Customers - ranked #14 for keep my finances, #28 for personal finance,
"I love the loyalty cards as well" - "Wisely helps you find great places to eat and shop. Instead of relying solely on reviews, Wisely analyzes consumer purchase behavior to find popular, ...
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