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"I have tried many diets before without logging my food intake."
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"This app really helps me keep track of food and exercise."
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"It makes logging food fast and simple."
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"I really love it and enjoy every aspect from logging my food."
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"I had to get another app for logging food."
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"I never have any trouble finding and logging my food and exercise."
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"For now I'm just logging my food on Fitness Pal."
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Top Logging Food Apps

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Period Tracker ! ratings, reviews, and more.
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#1. Food Diary and Calorie Tracker by MyNetDiary HD - ranked #1 for diet plans, #1 for weight lose, #2 for nutrition tracker, #2 for keep track of my exercise,
" Logging my food helped me lose 110lbs" - "*** Selected by Apple as Health & Fitness Essential - the only diet app! *** MyNetDiary is the easiest to use and most comprehensive food diary and...
#2. Tap & Track, calorie tracker for iPad - ranked #2 for quick add, #7 for food selection, #8 for weight management tool, #10 for reach my goal weight,
"it works the best for logging food and exercise " - "Find out why everyone is talking about Tap & Track! Contains the largest OFFLINE food database of any iPad calorie counter (over 400,000 foods). Pe...
#3. Diet & Food Tracker by SparkPeople - ranked #6 for counter app, #10 for tracking food, #10 for weight control, #13 for keeping track of calories,
- "SparkPeople.com, the world’s most popular diet and fitness site, is proud to offer this free application—a mobile extension of our platfo...
#4. Tracknburn Calorie, Diet, and Exercise Tracker - ranked #7 for achieve my weight loss, #12 for calorie tracking, #16 for exercise tracker, #16 for keep track of my exercise,
"It makes logging food fast and simple" - "❝Tracknburn is a great companion app for tracking your food and workout, and keeping you on task towards your fitness goals.❞ -FreshApps....
#5. Carb Manager - ranked #8 for tracking carbs, #12 for watching calories, #15 for food database, #15 for variety of foods,
- "Manage your carbohydrate intake the sleek and easy way with Carb Manager! Low carb dieters LOVE Carb Manager:"Love this app! Works great and easy to us...
#6. Weight Loss Mindset - ranked #2 for reach my weight loss, #24 for keeping track of calories, #29 for weight management, #33 for achieve my goals,
"I really love it and enjoy every aspect from logging my food " - "The Weight Loss Mindset is a collection of powerful, effective hypnosis for weight loss audio sessions. Created by world renown psychologist Dr. Randy...
#7. iDukan Diet Tracker - ranked #16 for keep track of my diet, #23 for keeping track of food, #25 for finding stores,
"I had to get another app for logging food " - "With over 30,000 downloads in 16 countries, iDukan is the best app to track and manage your Dukan diet.It comes packed with features to keep you motiva...
#8. Hubbub Health - ranked #36 for reminder tool,
- "Your body is the only one you’ve got, take care of it with Hubbub. Get healthy and stay healthy by stringing together a series of challenges tha...
#9. Calorie Counter: diets and activities - ranked #7 for calorie tracking, #12 for finding food, #15 for keeping track of food, #16 for food list,
"I never have any trouble finding and logging my food and exercise" - "The App Store has named Calorie Counter the best of the iPad Health & Fitness category in App Store Rewind 2011 in the US! More than 2,000,000 peop...
#10. Fitocracy Macros – How much should I eat to lose weight - ranked #19 for make better decisions,
- "Brought to you by Fitocracy, Mashable's 'Top Innovation in Health & Fitness' winner, 'Macros' is a super-simple macro and calorie counter for peopl...
#11. Super Diet Genius | Lose Weight with Superfoods - ranked #18 for diet app, #29 for maintain my weight,
- " GIZMODO: Our app of the day APPADVICE: Provides you with a one-stop shop for setting a diet and helping you to stick to it CNET: Super Diet Genius mig...
#12. Tracker for 25 Minute Workout
"For now I'm just logging my food on Fitness Pal" - "This app helps you track your progress while following the Focus T25 workout program from Beachbody. You therefore need to have purchased a copy of the...
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