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"jotting down ideas --u won't need notepad after using this app."
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"I love the freedom of handwriting notes and quickly jotting down ideas."
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"From jotting down ideas to just plain out sketching some drawings."
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"I love this app - it's great for jotting down notes."
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"and great for jotting down ideas before you lose the train of thought."
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"and it's great to have this app handy to jot down ideas."
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"Highly recommend this for jotting down ideas."
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"Great app to jot down ideas."
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"give it a name and jot down these new notes."
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"meticulously designed way to jot down your thoughts on your iPhone."
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"it's very useful for jotting down ideas & thoughts."
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"Tools within the app make jotting down important notes further."
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Top Jotting Down Ideas Apps

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myHomework Student Planner ratings, reviews, and more.
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#1. Springpad - ranked #1 for gtd task, #1 for organization features, #2 for organizing app, #2 for organizing everything,
"allows you to jot down almost anything in the world" - "DESCRIPTIONGet organized, get inspired, and get more done with Springpad—the free personal organizer app that lets you save and organize tasks, ...
#2. Penultimate - ranked #1 for handwriting notes, #2 for notebook app, #2 for hand writing, #3 for note taker,
"the ultimate combo for simply jotting down some notes" - "The original and most popular handwriting app for iPad. Penultimate gives you the natural experience of writing on paper, with the added power and avai...
#3. Paper by FiftyThree - ranked #1 for sketch note taking, #2 for drawing painting, #22 for amateurs, #34 for creative juices flowing,
"Don't forget that it makes beautiful notebooks to jot down notes" - "APP OF THE YEAR 2012Paper is where ideas begin. It’s the easiest and most beautiful way to create on iPad. Capture your ideas as sketches, diagr...
#4. iA Writer - ranked #1 for arrow keys, #1 for text editor, #1 for writing tool, #2 for copy text,
"I use it for jotting quick notes in meetings" - ""Your program is the single most useful and remarkably clever — invisibly so — device for writing that I can name." – Augusten Bur...
#5. A Novel Idea - ranked #2 for aspiring writers, #3 for organizing everything, #6 for organize ideas, #6 for word count,
"This is a good app for jotting down ideas and organizing a novel" - "A Novel Idea is the premier tool for plotting your story and recording bursts of inspiration. Use its simple interface to create your characters, loca...
#6. iDo Notepad (Diary/Journal) - ranked #3 for note pad, #7 for secret diary, #8 for passcode lock, #11 for password option,
"I like having a journal to jot down my private thoughts" - "iDo Notepad - is a simple to use notepad application which has been written specifically for the iPad & iPhone/iPod Touch. Add as many entries as y...
#7. PaperDesk Pro - ranked #2 for filing system, #8 for online sync, #9 for hand writing, #9 for note taking application,
"Whether I am jotting down ideas " - "→Featured on Gizmodo, ZDNet and the San Francisco Chronicle!PaperDesk Pro is the best way to take notes without dragging around loads of paper, ...
#8. My Wonderful Days : Daily Journal/Diary - ranked #2 for icloud sync, #2 for daily journal, #2 for password feature, #4 for journal app,
"Nice way jot down ideas " - "✿ My Wonderful Days is a diary you can easily write on. Full of analog features, 2-in-1 iPhone+iPad universal app fully supporting iCloud, searc...
#9. Infinote Pinboard for Tasks and Notes - ranked #3 for organizing thoughts, #5 for sticky notes, #34 for organizational tool,
"give it a name and jot down my notes" - "❖ Updated to look amazing on the iPad's retina screen ❖⊛ Now on sale for a limited time! ⊛ Designed from the ground up to t...
#10. Vesper
"I often use it to jot down ideas " - "Collect your thoughts.Vesper is a simple and elegant tool for collecting notes, ideas, things to do — anything you want to remember. Use tags to...
#11. Quick Drafts - Notes, Errands and Shopping List - ranked #3 for checklist option, #6 for export options, #8 for evernote integration, #18 for check list,
"and jotting down ideas before they are forgotten" - "Capture and share your ideas with Quick Drafts. Easy, fast and reliable. Quick Drafts is a lightning fast notepad. It offers various ways to handle you...
#12. Simply Write - Handwriting Notebooks - ranked #2 for password protection feature, #8 for hand writing, #13 for handwriting app, #15 for notebook app,
"Great app for jotting down notes long or short" - ""It’s the perfect replacement for pen and paper" - 148Apps.com"Just about the closest you’ll get to an electronic piece of paper" - culto...
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