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"Zillow is the absolute best website and app for home searching of all."
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"This is my go to app for home searching or rental searches."
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"It has made my home searching experience much easier."
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"This is by far the best app for home searching."
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"Must have app for home buyers and people interested in real estate."
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"This app has made my home search easy and efficient."
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"Quickest results of all other home search sights I've used."
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"Trulia is making my Internet home search 10X more effective."
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"One of the easiest home search tools I have ever used."
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"This app has been quite a big help during my home search."
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"This has helped us so much during our home search."
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"Been looking for a good home search app."
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Top Home Search Apps

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#1. Real Estate by Zillow – Search Homes & Apartments for Sale or Rent - ranked #1 for realty app, #1 for research tool, #1 for house hunt, #1 for draw feature,
"Zillow is just the right app for home searching & buying" - "You’re not just looking for a house. You’re looking for a place for your life to happen. Search for homes near top-rated schools, explore...
#2. Real Estate - Homes for Sale, Apartments for Rent - ranked #1 for finding homes, #1 for window shop, #1 for map search feature, #2 for find my new home,
"This app is the best app for home searching " - ""Best way to house hunt, hands down!" "Great app, very useful and easy to use" "Must-have app for the home buyer or renter" Trulia’s top-rated r...
#3. Realtor.com Real Estate - Homes for Sale and Apartments for Rent - ranked #1 for realtors, #1 for consumers, #1 for area scout, #1 for map search,
"This home searching app is just the bee's knees" - "All real estate apps are not created equal. Arm yourself with the most accurate real estate app for homes for sale and apartments for rent. Because acc...
#4. Real Estate by Redfin – Search Homes, Condos & Town Houses For Sale - ranked #1 for house hunter, #1 for redfin website, #2 for home shopping, #2 for search filters,
"Simply the best app out their for home search " - "“Best real estate app & I’ve tried them all!” “If you’re looking to buy a house, this is the app for you.”...
#5. Real Estate and Homes for Sale – ZipRealty - ranked #1 for finding houses, #5 for sketch feature, #5 for real estate tool, #11 for research tool,
"One Of The Best Apps Ever For Home Searching " - "Winner, Inman News Innovator Award, 2010"Absolutely the best real estate app available"“Zip has the most accurate, up-to-date data. New homes on...
#6. Homes.com Real Estate Search - Homes & Apartments For Sale or Rent - ranked #5 for home buyers, #5 for home finder, #6 for powerful search, #7 for map search,
"Better than the other home search apps I've tried" - "Let Homes.com inspire you to dream big. Find your next home, condo, apartment, or neighborhood with beautiful high resolution property photos. Connect ...
#7. Homesnap Real Estate & MLS Homes for Sale - ranked #2 for realtors, #6 for sellers, #11 for investors, #15 for quick tool,
"This has really been a valuable tool with my home search " - "Snap a photo of any home to get the scoop! You can find homes for sale, open houses, recent sales, and house values for every home in the United States...
#8. Trulia Real Estate - Homes for Sale, Apartments for Rent - ranked #3 for map search feature, #3 for real estate resource, #6 for house hunters, #6 for real estate apps,
"This is by far the best online home search app around" - "“Try Trulia Real Estate Search for iPad for tons of useful info” - @AppStore via TwitterDesigned just for the iPad, Trulia’s top-r...
#9. HAR.com Texas Real Estate - Houston - ranked #2 for house hunter, #7 for find my dream home, #7 for search filters, #14 for renters,
"Must have for our current home search " - "The HAR.com iPhone & iPad app allows both consumers and HAR members to search for homes for sale or lease in the greater Houston area. Consumers wi...
#10. Zillow Mortgages - Calculator & Home Loan Rates - ranked #1 for mortgage calculator, #4 for improve my credit score, #5 for advanced features, #9 for home search,
"Great app used extensively during my home search " - "Getting your dream home may be closer than you think. Use Zillow calculators to find out what you can afford and gain control of the home finance proce...
#11. Zillow Rentals – Search Apartments & Homes for Rent - ranked #1 for rental app, #3 for draw feature, #4 for find my dream home, #4 for filter feature,
"The Go-To App For Home Searches " - "Zillow Rentals is your one-stop shop for single-family homes and apartments for rent. Quickly view rental listings that fit your search criteria and co...
#12. Trulia Rentals - Find Homes and Apartments for Rent - ranked #1 for renters, #2 for ease of access, #4 for find my new home, #4 for apartment finder,
" Best home search app " - "“This has saved me so much time and energy!” “This app works. No other way of putting it. Try it out and you won't be disappointed...
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