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"Have used it many times and created awesome group pics."
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"I use this all the time to sort and group pics."
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"Really love creating scenes and grouping pics together."
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"Especially when i take group pictures and stuff like that."
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"I love taking group pics and having everyone in the photo."
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"Make incredible collages for your iPhone or iPod Touch wallpaper! Use a 'Minority Report'-like multitouch interface to stretch, move, and rotate photo."
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"and name folders for each group of pics."
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"Easy to use and a fun way to group pics."
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"it's a Great way to put a Group of Pics with Caption."
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"* Chosen by the App Store in the 'App Store Best of 2012'!!!* BBC: “...This app should be mandatory!”* FoxNews: “...GroupShot is a."
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"group pics and pretty much anything."
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Top Group Pic Apps

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#1. Pic Stitch - #1 Photo Collage Maker - ranked #1 for photo lovers, #1 for picture edit, #2 for keep memories, #2 for picture collage,
"Love to use it for my business to group pics together" - "Quickly combine multiple photos into one beautifully framed picture.Pic Stitch packs a simple design with a powerful editor to give you everything you ...
#2. Pic Jointer – Picture Collage, Camera Effects plus Photo Editor - ranked #2 for frame choices, #3 for group pictures, #4 for foto app, #5 for picture collage,
"Love being able to group pics " - "#1 in over 50 countries! Big thanks to all of the fans!Pic Jointer satisfies your desire to share multiple photos with your friends at one time, via Fa...
#3. Diptic - ranked #4 for frame options, #5 for picture lovers, #8 for cool images, #9 for instagram app,
"Great app for grouping pics " - "Former App Store App of the Week, Diptic helps you create and share beautiful photo collages. See for yourself why more than three million people have ...
#4. TimerCam - Self Timer Camera for Selfies - - ranked #1 for self timer, #5 for taking pictures, #9 for group pictures, #11 for action shots,
"I love using it for taking group pictures " - "****************************************************************#1 iPhone Photography App in Japan (Feb 2012)******************************************...
#5. Wave Cam - ranked #533 for taking pictures,
"Really great app great to take group pics with" - "Celebrating for Blux camera Pro being selected in App store "Essential Photography 101".***Introducing Wave Cam!! -- The HOTTEST NEW THING in photo fas...
#6. Collage Lite - ranked #98 for color options, #354 for make pictures,
- "Make incredible collages for your iPhone or iPod Touch wallpaper! Use a 'Minority Report'-like multitouch interface to stretch, move, and rotate photo...
#7. ePhotoChest - ranked #23 for photo lock, #29 for photo safe, #75 for different effects, #119 for make your pics,
"and name folders for each group of pics " - "There are issues that you may not see the photos and videos after upgrading, you have saved.In that case, after you have backed up the iPhone, delete t...
#8. Photo Shake Free - HD Picture Collage Maker & Pics Frames Grid Shop - ranked #51 for picture collage, #423 for editing photos,
"Easy to use and a fun way to group pics " - "Shake it!! Enjoy it!!Shake makes it very very SIMPLE & EXCITING to do photo collage.Just gently shake your iPhone, it will magically do the rest.Wh...
#9. MiFrame - Collage Maker & FX Editor & Photo Frame from InstaCollage FREE - ranked #15 for frame options, #20 for 3d effect, #21 for capture memories, #25 for different designs,
"Cool app to group pics " - "FREE FOR A VERY LIMITE TIME! GET IT NOW!The World's most popular collage maker help you quickly combine multiple sized photos into one beautifully fram...
#10. PhotoFrame - the Best Photo Frame & Fotos Collage FREE - ranked #16 for frame app, #20 for photo frame, #21 for neat stuff, #53 for make pictures,
"it's a Great way to put a Group of Pics with Caption" - "***TOP 10 (Photo & Video) in 15 iTunes App Store***PhotoFrame Pro helps you combine multiple photos into amazing looking frames with caption in sec...
#11. GroupShot - ranked #6 for group pictures, #110 for photography apps, #230 for make pictures, #364 for families,
- "* Chosen by the App Store in the 'App Store Best of 2012'!!!* BBC: “...This app should be mandatory!”* FoxNews: “...GroupShot is a...
#12. vhoto - make your own GIFs, photos from video, perfect for selfies, fun filters - ranked #2 for action shots, #7 for video feature, #10 for video clips, #18 for taking pictures,
" group pics and pretty much anything" - "** Featured in Best New Apps in over 100 Countries **Vhoto is best way to create and share video highlights! Record a video (or import an existing one...
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