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"Finally an easy way to track calories from the food groups."
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"easy to use and has so many food groups."
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"The ability to create food groups using the iPhone app."
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"The food groups are important for healthy eating beginners like me."
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"You can make entries for each of the major food groups."
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"Need to add more categories/ food groups like condiments."
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"if it listed how much of each food group."
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"shiny new design for the food group info screen."
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"I love when I accomplish all my food groups :."
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"Now introducing the new easy-to-use, straight forward and finally affordable app for people on the blood type diet especially designed to use during sh."
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"nutrition via 6 food groups represented by the following icons."
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Top Food Group Apps

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#1. Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter - ranked #1 for reach my goal, #1 for counting calories, #1 for weight control, #1 for lose ten pounds,
" Food groups are easy to find and internet is not required" - "Lose It! Join the millions of people who have lost weight using Lose It!. As the most successful comprehensive weight loss program, Lose It! makes it e...
#2. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal HD - ranked #1 for losing weight, #1 for accountability tool, #1 for hold yourself accountable, #1 for diet aid,
"Makes search of food groups " - "Lose weight with MyFitnessPal, the fastest and easiest to use calorie counter (now optimized for iPad!). With the largest food database of any calorie ...
#3. MyPlate Calorie Tracker - Your Diet and Fitness Calorie Counter for Better Health by LIVESTRONG.COM - ranked #1 for tracking calories, #1 for water tracking, #1 for keep my calories, #1 for control my weight,
"and other food groups " - "IMPORTANT: THIS APP WILL BE RETIRED SOON – Download the free version for the same great calorie tracker with even more features!Please download ...
#4. Tap & Track -Calorie Counter (Diets & Exercises) - ranked #1 for keep track of my intake, #1 for pie graph, #1 for huge database, #1 for exercise feature,
"and being able to move items between food groups " - "Contains the largest OFFLINE food database of any iPhone calorie counter (over 500,000 foods). Perfect for both, iPod Touch and iPhone users!-Recommend...
#5. FoodTrackerPro - Daily Food Eating Log - ranked #4 for control my eating, #4 for nutrition tracker, #9 for health benefits, #11 for change my eating,
"Perfect for keeping track of daily food groups " - "Track what you eat without the boredom and monotony of counting calories. Featuring a fun yet powerful design, FoodTrackerPro is for those who want to ...
#6. Low Carb Diet Assistant - ranked #1 for dieters, #1 for quick add, #1 for carb tracker, #2 for keep track of my intake,
"And instead of "meal" food group " - "Are you on a low carb diet or dealing with diabetes? Counting your daily carbohydrate intake gets old fast. Imagine a carb counter that does all of th...
#7. Calorie Counter: diets & activities - ranked #1 for change my lifestyle, #1 for cal counter, #3 for food search, #5 for keep track of my diet,
" food groups sorted well" - "The App Store has named Calorie Counter the best of the iPad Health & Fitness category in App Store Rewind 2011 in the US!More than 2,000,000 peopl...
#8. Servings - ranked #5 for track my eating habits, #26 for keep track of my eating,
"Simply pay attention to food groups " - "Keeping an eye on your diet shouldn't be complicated. With just a few seconds after each meal, Servings will track your eating habits by food groups, w...
#9. My Daily Plate - ranked #2 for daily plate, #49 for calorie count, #52 for tracking food intake, #61 for weight watchers,
"just tap the food group item and quantity" - "My Daily Plate makes eating right easy and fun. Inspired by the USDA ChooseMyPlate icon and complete library of food, My Daily Plate helps you make inf...
#10. Argus - Pedometer, Run, Cycle achieve your fitness and weight loss goals with the ultimate activity tracker by Azumio - ranked #2 for health tracker, #5 for activity tracker, #5 for drink more water, #6 for timeline feature,
"and tagging food groups to eat is a huge plus" - "Featured in Apple's new TV Ad - Strength! and all over the web and on Apple's home page. You DON'T need a dedicated pedometer to know how many steps yo...
#11. Food 4 Blood Group - ranked #50 for food items,
- "Now introducing the new easy-to-use, straight forward and finally affordable app for people on the blood type diet especially designed to use during sh...
#12. Healthy Me - ranked #30 for keeping track of food, #63 for weight management, #84 for meet my goals, #560 for reach my goal,
"choose the daily servings you want for in each food group " - "Take care of yourself with this health tracker!Healthy Me offers an integrated way to keep track of your weight, nutrition, and general well-being.Feat...
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