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"It's a great way to earn rewards for shopping at your favorite stores."
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"A great way to earn rewards cards in the comfort of your home."
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"The app is easy to use and a fun way to earn rewards."
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"A very nice way to earn rewards two thumbs up."
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"Great to earn rewards in something I buy everyday anyway."
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"Great app to earn rewards for being a couch potato."
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"It really really works its awesome easy way to earn rewards."
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"This is a really cool simple way to earn rewards I love it."
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"Great way to earn rewards through the best cell phone company EVER."
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"Now you can earn rewards and win stuff."
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"Good way to earn points and find bargains in your area."
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"Easy to use & a really positive way to earn rewards."
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Top Earning Rewards Apps

EzBucks-Cash Back Shopping! ratings, reviews, and more.
Peko: Play to be Paid! ratings, reviews, and more.
Plink.com ratings, reviews, and more.
QBOT ratings, reviews, and more.
Maverik Rewards ratings, reviews, and more.
ION Rewards ratings, reviews, and more.
FreeAppDaily ratings, reviews, and more.
eBay ratings, reviews, and more.
Fitbit ratings, reviews, and more.
Walgreens ratings, reviews, and more.
Weight Watchers Mobile ratings, reviews, and more.
#1. shopkick: Deals and Free Gift Cards For Shopping at Your Favorite Stores - ranked #1 for shoppers, #1 for get rewards, #1 for instant surprises, #1 for shopping companion,
"What a great way to earn rewards with only a little bit of effort" - "◆◆◆◆◆ Over 6 Million UsersShopkick is the ultimate shopping app. Don't miss out on the hottest deals, discounts and ...
#2. CheckPoints #1 Rewards App And Free Barcode Scanner - ranked #1 for rewards app, #2 for earn rewards, #24 for scan bar codes, #35 for slot machine,
"Easy and fun way to earn some cash and prizes" - "Scan barcodes for products like Coca-Cola, Dreyer's and more in any store for instant rewards! As seen in the Washington Post, NY Times, USA Today and ...
#3. Nexercise - motivation to lose weight, to finally meet your weight loss & health goals - ranked #1 for staying motivated, #2 for activity tracker, #2 for track exercise, #2 for tracking workouts,
"Easy way to earn rewards for doing good things" - "Featured on CBS, “The Doctors” talk show as the best fitness tracker for weight lossPlay with friends, earn rewards, get support, lose we...
#4. AppTrailers - ranked #1 for earn money, #1 for gift card, #3 for make money, #3 for movie trailers,
"Great way to discover apps and earn rewards " - "**As seen in Apple's "What's Hot" section!**Preview Apps and get points that you can redeem with FREE $10 iTunes Codes, PayPal, Amazon and many more wi...
#5. Starbucks - ranked #1 for starbucks app, #10 for get gift cards,
"I love how you can upload your cards and earn rewards " - "If you're having problems signing in or using your password to reload in iOS7, please do the following:1. Check Settings > Safari > Block Cookies...
#6. Viggle - ranked #1 for watching tv, #2 for get rewards, #2 for watching shows, #4 for tv lovers,
" Earn rewards for something you are already doing" - "Viggle - FREE Entertainment Rewards for TV and Music Fans"One of the best apps of 2012" - TechCrunchWATCH TV & DISCOVER MUSIC. EARN POINTS. GET RE...
#7. Super Gift Card Reward Plus - ranked #4 for gift card,
"I love this app the easiest way to earn gift cards" - "Try free apps and get $1, $5, $10, $15, $50, $100 iTunes, Amazon Gift Certificates for free from our partners4.75/5 STARS! Just check out our rating an...
#8. Instant Rewards Earn Cash & Prizes With Surveys, App Trailers & More! - ranked #19 for get rewards,
" Easy way to earn rewards in your spare time" - "Earn Cash instantly with instant rewards! You can earn by watching app trailers, liking a page on Facebook, taking surveys so much more! With our high ...
#9. PERCS - ranked #3 for rewards app, #3 for keep track of my points, #9 for earn rewards, #20 for check status,
"Easy way to learn product information and earn rewards " - "The official C Spire PERCS app is here--inspired by customers like you! We’ve put everything you love about PERCS--as well as some amazing new f...
#10. Movies by Moviefone with Theater Showtimes, Trailers & Tickets - ranked #2 for movie fans, #2 for rotten tomatoes, #3 for ease of finding, #5 for location feature,
"Love how you can earn rewards " - "2013 Digiday Publishing Award Winner - "Best Use of Mobile by a Publisher"Moviefone is the ultimate app for movie showtimes, trailers, reviews, exclusi...
#11. ScanLife Barcode & QR Code Reader with Prices, Deals, & Reviews - ranked #2 for ease of access, #3 for qr scanner, #15 for barcode reader, #16 for scanner apps,
"easy to earn points and mostly accurate" - "ScanLife: The all-in-one, lightning fast QR Code and barcode scanner! Scans any popular code format to launch websites, find prices, reviews, deals, an...
#12. MyPlate Calorie Tracker - Your Diet and Fitness Calorie Counter for Better Health by LIVESTRONG.COM - - ranked #1 for change my lifestyle, #2 for control my eating, #2 for keep track of my intake, #3 for achieve my weight loss,
"calorie intake & to earn rewards while your at it" - "Calorie Tracker - Diet and Fitness Tracker.Join over 4 million members who have lost weight using LIVESTRONG.COM's MyPlate calorie counter application....
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