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"I couldn't believe how bad the Integrated Facebook contact sync was."
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"Contacts synced perfectly between my Gmail account and my iPhone."
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"It has to be the best Facebook contact sync app out there."
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"Probably the best contact info sync app on iOS."
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"Best contact backup tool I've come across."
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"However there's need to be able to delete Facebook contact info."
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"now I can have all my contacts synced in different places."
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"One of the best apps for gmail and iphone contacts sync."
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"my.memova Contacts Sync for the iPhone™ and iPod® Touch makes it easy to synchronize your contacts over-the-air.With the my.memova.com serv."
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"I have more than four thousand contacts synced across four devices."
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"Google Contacts Sync 2."
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Top Contact Syncing Apps

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#1. Sync.ME - Social Caller ID (for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) - ranked #1 for fb sync, #1 for birthday reminder, #3 for caller id, #6 for seamless integration,
" Facebook contact sync pales in comparison to this app" - "Keep your contacts up-to-date with social networks, photo albums and birthdays! • Over 10,000,000 people love Sync.ME.• The #1 contacts a...
#2. Contacts Sync for Google Gmail with Auto Sync - ranked #5 for share contacts, #5 for exchange email, #9 for google voice, #11 for sync capability,
"This app works perfectly and keeps all my contacts synced " - "••• SYNCS GROUPS!••• SYNCS AUTOMATICALLY!••• COMPATIBLE WITH GOOGLE APPS!••...
#3. MyPhone+ for Facebook - ranked #1 for reminder option, #2 for fb sync, #2 for facebook users, #2 for birthday reminder,
"I have never loved a Facebook contact sync app so much" - "MyPhone+ for Facebook is an all-in-one premium dialer that keeps your contacts up-to-date with their latest pictures and information from Facebook. Vie...
#4. AllSync - Sync and Import your Contacts with Ease (Facebook & many more) - ranked #16 for contact management, #552 for social networking, #558 for time saver,
"The best contact sync app out there" - "Sync your data from FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE, YAHOO, ORKUT, NETLOG, LINKEDIN, PLAXO and MYSPACE!!NEXT ALLSYNC COMING SOON: http://nextfreedom.com*** N...
#5. NQ Contacts Sync - ranked #589 for user friendly,
" Best contact transfer I've used so far" - "NQ Contacts Sync provides a contact backup and restore solution to users who has multiple mobile devices.It allows you to easily backup and retrieve co...
#6. ContactsXL + Facebook Sync - ranked #2 for developer support, #3 for fb sync, #4 for contact manager, #9 for facebook integration,
"Best Facebook contact sync " - "With ContactsXL you can manage your contacts and create groups. Quickly send group text and email. Call your favorite contacts by a simple tap on their...
#7. Contacts Sync for Google Account Free - background auto sync, backup, clean supported
" contacts sync x201d" - ""Contacts Sync" keep your contacts up-to-date with their information and avatar from Google Gmail.---SUPPORT BACKGROUND AUTO SYNC---SUPPORT SYNC CONTAC...
#8. FullContact - Better Contact Management for iOS - ranked #3 for contact manager, #4 for share contacts, #75 for multiple accounts,
"iPhone and Google contacts synced " - "FullContact is your unified address book, giving you a complete picture of your contacts from your phone and social networks. * Add social profiles and...
#9. Contacts Sync & Backup Pro - Contacts Sync for Gmail,Contacts Backup to Excel,Merge Duplicate Contacts - ranked #16 for advanced users,
"Really useful for google contacts sync " - "Use this app, you can: 1) Two-way rapidly sync Google contacts with iPhone contacts, 2) Backup iPhone contacts to Excel or vCard files, and share conta...
#10. Contacts Sync - ranked #58 for web interface, #74 for features including, #80 for check status,
- "my.memova Contacts Sync for the iPhone™ and iPod® Touch makes it easy to synchronize your contacts over-the-air.With the my.memova.com serv...
#11. Plaxo Address Book - ranked #9 for exchange users, #126 for share contacts,
"Keeps my iPhone contacts synced with Plaxo" - "Streamline the process of syncing, backing up, finding and sharing contacts anywhere you go with Plaxo’s easy-to-use app. It combines your multi...
#12. Google Contacts Sync - ranked #52 for contact management, #101 for address book, #508 for save time, #2020 for make money,
"Google contacts sync " - " The #1 Contacts Sync for Gmail Utility on AppStore for ONE STRAIGHT YEAR Supports iPod Touch, iPad too "Google Contacts Sync" is the most easy tool fo...
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