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"Best business card organizer."
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"Business card organizer at its best."
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"Great card organizer."
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"business card organizer."
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"Best Index Card Organizer."
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"A efficient card organizer."
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"business card organizer."
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Top 10 Card Organizer Apps

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#1. CamCard Free - Business card scanner & Business card reader & scan card - ranked #2 for card reader, #17 for educators, #17 for business tool, #17 for sync function,
"Best business card organizer " - "CamCard, read your card, mind your business.CamCard reads business cards and save instantly to phone Contacts. It syncs all your cards across smartphon...
#2. WorldCard Mobile - business card reader & business card scanner - ranked #1 for card reader, #13 for time saver, #18 for business tool,
"Business card organizer at its best" - "~ Special promotion, only $2.99. ~ (MSRP:$9.99).* Compatible with iOS 7/iPhone 5S/5C/5 * Wall Street Journal recommends it to all professionals. Grab i...
#3. CamCard HD Free - The Professional Business Card Reader - ranked #8 for card scanner, #11 for card reader, #27 for taking pictures, #38 for organizing tool,
"Great card organizer " - "60% off for a limited period of time. To celebrate the exhilarating release of CamCard HD.• The most frequently downloaded professional business...
#4. iContact+ - ranked #22 for business card,
"business card organizer " - " #1 easiest to use Contact manager, Group texting, and Business Card organizer app in the App Store -> Why pay $4.99 or even $5.99 for any other bus...
#5. CamCard HD - The Professional Business Card Reader - ranked #9 for card reader, #36 for business tool, #37 for networking tool,
- "60% off for a limited period of time. To celebrate the exhilarating release of CamCard HD.Original Price:$19.99, Special Offer:$7.99 .*The most frequen...
#6. Index Card for iPhone - ranked #13 for organize my day,
"Best Index Card Organizer " - "Index Card is a corkboard writing app that helps you easily capture, organize, and compile your ideas. Whether you are an author, screenwriter, or acad...
#7. Business Cards Info (BCI) - ranked #19 for business card,
- "Eliminate your business card clutter! Save all your business cards electronically instantly and just sync it with your mobile device. Search for unlimi...
#8. Cardz for iPad by iW
"A efficient card organizer " - "iW, ideaWallets: Your key to be an innovator and game changerideaWallets is an idea nurturing service for innovators, visionaries, game changers, rule ...
#9. CardManager - Business Card Management Tool
- "Use card manager to take care of all the information on your business card and credit cards conveniently. Card manager lets you to take care of your ca...
#10. Save in Style - Card Cubby
"business card organizer " - "Giftcard Organizer from Cardcubby.com. Keep your Giftcards & Coupons handy & organized with the Card Cubby. The Card Cubby is the Ultimate Coup...
#11. Card Collector (Business Card Organizer)
- "Collect all your Business Cards in one place! Featured 9 times by apple THANK YOU!!To all the testers who helped creati...
#12. Calling Card Organizer
- "This popular app worldwide allows you to easily manage all your calling cards from one single app. Now you can define your contacts according to the ca...
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