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Searching by title? Brain Training ~ M… Left Brain Age Ana… Brain Train Age. Brain Train Age Li… ! Brain Game is de…
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"It's pretty cool- kinda reminds me of brain age for ds."
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"Reminds me of Brain Age that is had for the DS years ago."
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"Very similar to the Nintendo DS game Brain Age."
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"I find it similar to the Nintendo DS Brain Age games."
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"Should have writting ability like Brain Age."
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"Reminds me of the " Brain Age " games I use to play."
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"Like brain age for iPhone."
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"Like brain age only more fun."
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"brain age for continued reusability."
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"It's like brain age for the iPhone."
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"for a free " Brain Age "-style game."
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"try general test detect your brain age."
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Top Brain Age Apps

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#1. Lumosity Brain Trainer - ranked #1 for brain trainer, #2 for exercising your brain, #3 for remember things, #5 for mental exercise,
"It's fun and reminds me of brain age for nintendo ds" - "Over 20 million users have trained their brain using Brain Trainer by Lumosity.com!The best of online brain training is coming to the iPhone and iPod t...
#2. Lumosity Mobile - ranked #1 for brain workout, #1 for brain activity, #1 for mental workout, #2 for first experience,
"I love this game reminds me of brain age on the wii" - "Train your memory and attention. Used by over 50 million people worldwide, Lumosity creates a Personalized Training Program that challenges your brain....
#3. Lumosity - ranked #3 for brain training, #3 for mental workout, #10 for web interface, #17 for training tool,
"This app reminds me of brain age for the DS" - "Improve your memory, attention, and overall brain performance through scientific brain workouts. Used by 40 million people worldwide, Lumosity creates ...
#4. Fit Brains Trainer - ranked #1 for mental gymnastics, #2 for brain trainer, #3 for memory tool, #3 for brain workout,
"it's like brain age for ur phone" - "Fit Brains Trainer has been downloaded by more than 2.5 million people, and has been the #1 education app in 80 countries! Thank YOU for making us the ...
#5. Brain Tuner X - ranked #5 for refresh my memory,
"It's a brain age wanna be without the sudoku" - "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Get your brain in shape with Brain Tuner, a great math game for all ages.It takes less than a minute a day to tune y...
#6. Clockwork Brain - Challenge your Mind with Fun Puzzles! - ranked #4 for brain training, #12 for puzzle fans, #13 for improve my score, #16 for mental workout,
"Similar to Brain Age for the Nintendo DS" - "*** One of the 500 Best Apps in the world, as chosen by The London Times! ***Play fun, innovative puzzles and train your brain with A Clockwork Brain!D...
#7. 6 Numbers by Brainbow - ranked #1 for math puzzle, #1 for math game, #2 for brain game, #6 for brain trainer,
"The new brain age " - "** Over 1 million players **** Top 10 puzzle game in 50 countries **'6 Numbers' is a whole new puzzle game about numbers.SIMPLE AND HIGHLY ADDICTIVE GA...
#8. Stupidness 2 PRO - ranked #1 for iq game, #26 for mind teaser,
"for Brain Age " - "Ranked #1 in 25 countries after 2 days release:#1st in Free Apps (US)#1st in Free Apps (UK)#1st in Free Apps (Canada)#1st in Free Apps (Australia)#1st ...
#9. Mathemagics - Mental Math Tricks - ranked #1 for math tool, #1 for math tricks, #1 for mental math, #4 for multiple choice,
- "Amaze and delight others as you multiply, divide, and square at lightning fast speed. Learn and practice the tricks of mental math calculation in a fun...
#10. Brain Lab II
"Closest thing to brain age " - "Editor Picked by Best10Apps.com.「Brain Lab II」 is FREE for a limited time - Sponsored by AppRuby.com (Save USD$0.99)!"Brain Lab II" has b...
#11. Brain Toot (Free) - ranked #35 for brain stimulator,
"for a free " Brain Age "-style game" - ""Brain Toot Free" includes 4 brain training games to give you a mental exercise to test your memory, math, visual and thinking skills for FREE.If you e...
#12. Brain Training ~ Measure your brain age from 6 games, and power up your brain
"Love how it tells brain age " - "Find out your brain age.It just only 30 sec per games.Simple yet addicting app which tests your brain age base on your game performance.● Observ...
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