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"I pretty much only use this app for the bokeh effect."
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"I personally like the bokeh effects and the vintage effects."
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"This is a pretty sweet app for some awesome bokeh effects."
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"customizable bokeh effects with lens distortion amp."
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"The bokeh effect is superb and so realistic looking."
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"Silky 'n sexy Bokeh effect."
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"I was looking for bokeh effect in photo editing applications."
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"there are 85 type of different bokeh effects to choose from."
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"lots of different bokeh effects :."
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"Maybe they can add more bokeh effects in more shapes."
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"lightpic transforms your images with beautiful bokeh effects."
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Top Bokeh Effect Apps

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#1. TADAA – HD Pro Camera - ranked #1 for filter choices, #2 for photo lovers, #2 for social photo, #3 for photo sharing,
"its bokeh effect and its Awesome Feed expansion" - "Thanks to the millions of photographers around the globe for your love and support! TADAA 5 - A fast, powerful HD editor – only for iPhone. Feat...
#2. CoCoBokeh Wallpaper for iOS8 Xmas Special Edition All Brushes are Free!! - ranked #3 for ripple effect, #5 for beautiful backgrounds, #11 for background options, #28 for color scheme,
"Nice bokeh effects " - "In order to thank everyone for the support of CoCoBokeh, This version we strongly launched a iPad version of dream wallpaper! In addition to adding new...
#3. Picfx - ranked #1 for iphoneographers, #1 for picture effects, #6 for different filters, #7 for filter options,
"I really wish you would add more galaxy and bokeh effects " - "Picfx provides you with over 100 refined, layerable effects for your iPhone photography.Picfx favorites include: PFX Film 5 / 10/ 15, Black & White...
#4. Lumiè - ranked #29 for variety of effects, #47 for make your pics, #85 for photo filters, #208 for sending pics,
"Very pretty and useful app for beautiful bokeh effect " - "1st app dedicated to applying bokeh in photos!!!!!Use the tag #lumie on Instagram Reviews Linkshttp://designcollector.net/lumie-app/http://ilovemodasol...
#5. iDarkroom - Photo Editor, Best Toon & Hand Drawn Filters - ranked #14 for different photo, #33 for variety of filters, #39 for share feature, #50 for editing options,
"I mainly got it because of the bokeh effects " - ""Great great thanks for developing this app - It's beautiful, easy to use and for every photographer must to download." - Sushil Mumbai"This honestly h...
#6. Tadaa SLR - ranked #20 for photography lovers, #60 for photography app, #139 for image quality, #189 for editing tools,
"I love the bokeh effect " - "Now you can shoot SLR quality photos wherever you are! 1. Shoot2. Select the Focus 3. Tadaa! Tadaa SLR brings you THE BEST depth-of-field and bokeh on ...
#7. Bokeh Lens - ranked #283 for make my photos,
"realistic bokeh effect " - "Bokeh Lens will turn your iPhone photos into DSLR-quality photos with creamy and pleasing bokeh!I love the portability of iPhone and being able to take...
#8. Bokehful - ranked #46 for color scheme, #178 for cool effects, #226 for editing pics,
"Beautiful bokeh effects " - "Add fun bokeh light effects to your photos! Simply select your color scheme and start drawing bokeh directly on your photo.Features - Draw bokeh light...
#9. Fotocam Bokeh Camera - Photo Effect for Instagram - ranked #116 for different effects,
"A quick and easy way to add basic bokeh effects " - "***** Transforms your photo into various nice effects by adding bokeh to your photo instantly! ***** * LIMITED TIME PROMOTION * All bokeh effects are d...
#10. Bokehflex - ranked #91 for picture editing,
" bokeh effects " - "【 What's Bokehflex ? 】 Bokeh, Background blur, Analog photography These 3 magic charms make any scene stunning. This App is j...
#11. Insta Bokeh Fx - bokeh vintage texture photo editor for instagram - ranked #527 for make my photos,
"I love bokeh effects " - "This app provides an editor to add awesome bokeh effects to your Photos. You can also use eraser to erase bokeh effect from the region you don't wa...
#12. LightPic - ranked #1821 for get fit,
"54 beautiful bokeh effects " - "LightPic transforms your images with beautiful Bokeh effects! - 54 beautiful Bokeh effects - intuitive navigation- move effect position- Opacity Slider...
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