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"Recognition of bird songs or calls is very usefull."
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"listen to beautiful bird songs and calls from the cornell lab x2019."
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"The songs and calls are wonderful for identification or just for fun."
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"Bird song recordings are so nice to have at your fingertips."
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"What book guide has bird songs and calls you can play."
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"Very informative and the different bird songs are helpful."
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"Perfect for familiarizing yourself with bird songs and bird identification."
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"much more so than just listening to bird songs on tape."
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"What's fun is getting a reaction From playing the bird songs."
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"with content added from other books and extensive bird song recordings."
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"I use the bird songs to "talk" to the local birds."
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"Includes bird songs and pics of nests with eggs."
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Top Bird Song Apps

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#1. iBird Pro Guide to Birds - ranked #1 for slideshow feature, #2 for bird identification, #2 for field tool, #3 for song search,
"The previous bird songs left a lot to be desired" - "Our most radical update to iBird ever - iBird 7 Pro▶ NEW UPDATE FIXES FAVORITES & NOTES - you can now restore your favorites, notes and favo...
#2. Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab of Ornithology - ranked #1 for bird calls, #3 for field tool, #3 for sound feature, #7 for amateurs,
"This is my favorite app for bird identifications and bird songs " - "What’s that bird? Merlin Bird ID helps you solve the mystery. First, Merlin asks you a few simple questions. Then, almost like magic, it reveals...
#3. iBird Plus Guide to Birds - ranked #1 for field tool, #1 for powerful search, #2 for amateurs, #2 for bird calls,
"The ability to hear the bird songs also helps with identification" - "IBIRD PLUS Guide to Birds—Here is the feature-rich birding app that started the revolution in smartphone field guides. Originally featured in Ap...
#4. Audubon Birds Pro - ranked #2 for bird lovers, #3 for nature lovers, #15 for advanced search, #21 for field guide,
"The second is the large number of bird songs and calls" - "The best field guide for the season!NEWLY UPDATEDNothing beats Audubon mobile field guides! With 1.3 million downloads, they are the most trusted autho...
#5. iBird West Guide to Birds - ranked #3 for bird lovers, #23 for search feature, #25 for search function, #34 for search engine,
"especially being able to hear the songs and calls " - " FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE CHARGED FOR THE UPDATE YOU MUST BE USING A DIFFERENT ACCOUNT THAN WHAT YOU PURCHASED IBIRD WITH. Please contact us at ibird.c...
#6. iBird Lite Guide to Birds - ranked #4 for sound feature, #8 for bird calls, #166 for lite version, #1257 for sharing photos,
"The bird songs only play when headphones are attached" - "IBIRD LITE Guide to Birds is the FREE version of iBird Ultimate, MWG’s newest and most feature-rich birding app yet created for the iPhone. If y...
#7. iBird Yard+ Guide to Birds - ranked #2 for slideshow feature, #3 for field guide, #4 for amateurs, #37 for search capability,
"and then watch their reactions to these bird songs " - "IBIRD YARD PLUS Guide to Birds—The #1 field guide app for backyard birders. Designed to meet the needs of serious hobbyists as and beginner bird...
#8. Chirp! Bird Song USA - ranked #13 for slide show, #1346 for sound quality, #4243 for get to sleep, #18013 for kids,
"I walk with this and identify bird songs as I go" - "Chirp! The original app for identifying and learning bird songs - and still the best! ** NB This app is for iPhone only. If you have an iPad, please bu...
#9. iBird Midwest Guide to Birds - ranked #2 for field guide, #5 for bird calls, #45 for pocket guide, #125 for educational tool,
"listening to the bird songs and recording their sightings" - " iBird - The #1 most trusted field guide app for birders. ▶ iBIRD MIDWEST VERSION 6.1 UPDATE SALE - 30% OFF SALE ENDS MAY 1, SO ACT NOW. PRICE R...
#10. Peterson Birds — A Field Guide to Birds of North America - ranked #1 for field guide, #10 for checklist feature, #1343 for learning tool, #2156 for user friendly,
"many more bird songs and a better journaling feature" - "Peterson Birds app featured by Apple in iPad Air keynote video: Peterson Birds - http://www.apple.com/ipad-air/videos/Quickly identify birds you see in...
#11. iBird South Guide to Birds - ranked #3 for bird calls, #19 for search feature, #27 for interesting information, #44 for keeping notes,
- " iBird - The #1 most trusted field guide app for birders. ▶ iBIRD SOUTH VERSION 6.1 UPDATE SALE - 30% OFF SALE ENDS MAY 1, SO ACT NOW. PRICE RED...
#12. Peterson Backyard Birds - A Field Guide to Birds of North America - ranked #6 for bird lovers, #7 for field guide, #109 for interesting facts, #353 for teaching tool,
"Teaching my parakeets new bird songs " - "Quickly identify over 160 common birds seen in the backyards of North America, with Roger Tory Peterson's innovative identification system, time-tested...
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