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"The -hands down- best app for both battery conditioning and maintenance."
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"Good app that helps you maintain your battery in good health."
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"It provides me with far more information about my battery condition."
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"The battery conditioning feature is awesome for monthly refreshes."
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"The battery conditioning functions are a real asset."
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"Helps me maintain better overall battery condition."
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"Great app for battery condition and recharging monitoring."
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"Gives complete basic info re: battery condition."
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"With this app it assumes a like-new battery condition."
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"the higher the value the better the battery condition."
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"Battery condition thing is cool."
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"The unique 3-step full cycle charge to maximize your battery life!Displaying remaining usage time under over 20 different tasks! Is your iPhone's batte."
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Top Battery Condition Apps

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#1. Battery Doctor Pro - Max Your Battery Life - ranked #1 for battery management, #1 for product worth, #1 for time remaining, #1 for trickle charge,
"Great way to keep track of your battery condition " - "YOU WANNA LONGER BATTERY LIFE? DOWNLOAD Battery Doctor Pro right now!It can help Max and Extend your battery life!► Full-featured profesional Ba...
#2. Battery Doctor - Must-have Battery Management App - ranked #1 for power saver, #1 for phone memory, #1 for battery charging, #3 for time remaining,
"Very good app to keep battery in good condition " - "50 million users worldwide love Kingsoft Battery Doctor! 10 countries free TOP10! 30 countries free Utilities TOP10! △Real-time power consumptio...
#3. Battery Life Magic, free - ranked #1 for battery status, #4 for trickle charge, #5 for time remaining,
"Whenever I can check my battery condition " - "Battery life performance monitoring appPlease read our customer reviews!● Very high customer satisfaction & reviews ● Praised by expe...
#4. Battery : Battery Power Battery Charge Battery Life Battery Saver - The All in 1 Battery App Battery Magic Elite! - ranked #1 for screen saver, #1 for custom battery, #1 for power management, #3 for trickle charge,
"I find the battery conditioning reminders especially useful" - "The Battery Saver,Use,Monitor and Battery Pwr app with more Data & Stats than basic Battery Info ! Maximize Battery Life for your iOS applications,...
#5. Battery Life Magic Pro: The Battery Saver - ranked #1 for long lasting, #1 for power saving, #1 for battery charging, #2 for power management,
"Even with the battery conditioning " - "Improve battery life by running full cycle charges & following the tips in the app▶ Full cycle charge history tracking▶ Most accurate...
#6. Battery Life Pro - All-IN-1 - ranked #1 for battery utility, #2 for time remaining, #5 for trickle charge,
"This is a good battery conditioner " - "**We will no longer be maintaining Battery Life Pro. For a better experience, please refer to Battery Life Pro 5 for iOS 8, a brand new app that brings...
#7. Battery Doctor (Battery Saver,Battery Life) - ranked #1 for doctors, #1 for battery apps, #5 for power saving, #5 for helpful hints,
"and/or battery condition /charging capacity in amperage" - "50 million users worldwide love Kingsoft Battery Doctor! 10 countries free TOP10! 30 countries free Utilities TOP10!△Real-time power consumption...
#8. Battery Master Free - ranked #2 for battery meter, #11 for check status, #11 for different colors, #13 for ipod users,
"Good way to check battery condition " - "Get notified as soon as your battery is fully charged! Battery Master Free comes with "charge notification" feature as well as other useful functionali...
#9. Battery HD+ - ranked #1 for batterie app, #1 for battery monitor, #4 for time remaining, #4 for color change,
"With this app it assumes a like-new battery condition " - "This is the perfect battery monitor for your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Because of its elegant design and simplicity this app has been downloaded over 14+ M...
#10. batteryscore - the easy way to benchmark your iPhone's battery - ranked #23 for monitor battery,
" Battery condition " - "batteryscore is a well-designed battery benchmarking app for iPhone. batteryscore is easy to use and provides you with a reliable indicator of the heal...
#11. Battery Themes From Photo Library - ranked #6 for battery info, #16 for customization features, #1362 for listening to music, #6189 for keeping me on track,
" Battery condition thing is cool" - "FREE FOR LIMITED TIME Never seen Innovative Charge Calculator Full Charge sound Alert Themes from Photo Library Multiple Charge alerts for better batte...
#12. Battery Power Pro - ranked #6 for battery maintenance, #37 for helpful tips, #65 for long lasting, #167 for business tool,
- "The unique 3-step full cycle charge to maximize your battery life!Displaying remaining usage time under over 20 different tasks! Is your iPhone's batte...
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