About us
AppCrawlr is the most advanced semantic-based search engine for discovering apps.
Powered by TipSense, AppCrawlr creates tens of thousands of categories to classify apps, based on the deep semantic understanding of unique app characteristics within millions of user reviews. AppCrawlr does not rely on traditional keyword matches or popularity ratings, so users can find the perfect apps that exactly describe who they are, what they need to achieve, or the app features they want.
Read more about how TipSense captures deep semantic information from user reviews.
Constantly tracking trends in apps and app-use, understanding which features users like and don’t like, and categorizing apps based on a broad set of factors, are just some of the reasons why AppCrawlr is today’s most advanced search engine for discovering mobile applications.
AppCrawlr and TipSense are part of Softonic International.
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