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About us
AppCrawlr, owned by TipSense LLC, was created by the founders of WeatherBonk (acquired by The Weather Channel in 2007) and, the most advanced semantic-based search engine for discovering food.

AppCrawlr and DishTip are powered by the TipSense platform, which provides breakthrough capabilities in areas such as search, recommendation, rendering readable topic models, summarization, content shaping, and guided discovery. Read more about the technology.

Unlike other search sites that rely on keyword matching and are not able to fully leverage the concepts and signals buried in the vast amount of user generated reviews, AppCrawlr uses a new method to combine advanced data mining and statistical modeling technologies to provide users with the most relevant and trusted recommendations for searching and discovering apps.

Discovering new applications, understanding the general trends of what features users like and don’t like, comparing similar applications based on a multitude of factors are just some of the reasons why AppCrawlr is the most comprehensive search engine for discovering mobile applications.

Using the TipSense platform to extract valuable information buried in big data repositories is not limited to AppCrawlr and DishTip. Applying the technology to any domain such as search, social or retail can also unlock tremendous new value and provide users with more relevant and trusted search results, recommendations and guided discovery.

AppCrawlr and DishTip are self-funded ventures based out of San Francisco, CA.
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