Zen Breath Meditation


Zen Breath Meditation

This powerful software will remind you of when to breathe! It is said that a true Qigong Master breathes only five times per minute. You too can breath like a Qigong Master, but without the need to count the seconds between each interval. Designed for deep meditation, enhanced focus and anti-stress, the Zen Breath Meditation is here to help you practice breathwork easily and effortlessly, by reminding you of when to breathe in and out. The first level, Level 1 - at five seconds interval, and the last level, Level 5 - at twelve seconds interval. Now with a timer! Be it through sound audio, vibrating or blinking in a dark room, the Zen Breath Meditation alarm system will remind you of when it is time to inhale and exhale your breath. Try breathing with your navel and always remember to exhale properly by using your stomach muscles to press all of the old and used air - out of your system. That way you only get fresh oxygen on each inhaling breath. Level 1 and 2 out of all five levels; is free. Support us and get all the levels, and be sure to look out for possible future updates. You will be amazed at how calm you will feel after only a few minutes or even instantly of practicing deep long breaths. Try it, and enjoy!

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