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Supported devices: XOLO Q700, Q800, Q1000, A700, A800, X900, X1000, Xolo Play, Q600, A500s, QC800, Q1000S Note: A1000 is currently not supported because of a technical limitation in the device of not being able to disable mobile data for non-system apps. Xolo Power Saver is a power management solution for your Xolo device. It is designed to optimize the battery usage of various hardware components in the device and keep it running even after a day's use. Designed with simplicity as the central theme it offers several settings to tweak power management to meet your needs. The highlights are *1* Background data control Once the device's screen turns OFF, WiFi and data interfaces will be disabled and enabled periodically, striking a balance between power saving and keeping your data active. You can control how frequently the interfaces are enabled in the background. ** Night mode control Let your device too sleep when you sleep. This will disable the network interfaces for the configured duration and enable them in the morning, keeping your mails ready when you get up. ** Low battery mode with single click restore Automatically disables WiFi, Data, GPS, Bluetooth, Haptic and dims the display to extend the battery's juice providing some more time of calling and messaging. If you use Bluetooth handsfree, you can exclude Bluetooth from this mode. At any time you can restore all the modules disabled by low battery mode through a single click. ** Real time battery estimation Provides an estimation of how long your battery will last based on the current state of the device. ** Background application detection Lists applications either running in the background or preventing the device from entering low power mode. You can choose to kill them and make your Xolo device run more power efficiently.

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    It is a great battery saver app for Xolo q700”
    Colo battery saver is very useful because save this battery”
    Much better battery management on q800 now”
    Real time battery estimation”
    Kindly make it update for auto kill feature”
    Time remaining to Full charge feature”
    Best app for power saving
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    XOLO Q1000 Battery Charging Problem”
    App Notification bar unresponsive”
    Faulty Battery Meter in q700”
    The worst battery saving app”

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