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War The Card Game

$0.99 Everyone android
Version 1.1.0
*Added sound
*Multiplayer: Battles will now occur when the second player clicks their card. This should fix an issue where players would be uncertain which cards were participating in a war.

Enjoy the classic card game War!

Play head to head in a battle of cards! War is played by each player revealing a card in a battle. If one is higher than another, the player with the higher card wins. But if both cards tie, it's time for War! Each player lays down three cards and then reveals their top card! Now, another battle occurs and if it's another tie, it's war again! And so on.

Each game is unique! In the game of war, the deck is shuffled before play. Not only that, but every time someone wins a battle or a war, those cards are shuffled before being added to the bottom of that player's deck.

In War The Card Game, there's no input lag from the game so you can tap your way through the cards as fast as you want. Imagine the cards flying past your fingers as you click your way to victory!

Play both single player versus a computer and two player where two people play War just like the real card game!

Set your background to a flag of your choice and represent in a battle of the cards!

In addition, the top side of the board is reversed to accommodate symmetrical playing style. Two people can play from opposite sides of the same phone at the same time for the same experience!

I've also gone through and tested this game for compatibility on every phone I could get my hands on, so play away bug-free!


1. Cards are from Wikimedia Commons under the LGPL license. Cards were generated using SVG cards by David Bellot.

2. Cards:
3. LGPL License:
4. GPL License:

This is really a great game and a lot of fun. found in 1 reviews
enjoy the classic card game war. found in 1 reviews
Sometimes the same cards doesnt cause a war. found in 1 reviews
Very boring. found in 1 reviews
Hate I paid a dollar. found in 1 reviews
"Trading card games never were such amazing since yugioh."
"How do you make one of the best card games THE best card game."
"Excellent game for people who enjoy card games."
"Classic card game and enjoy the multiplayer ai."
"This game is by far one of the best card games I have played."
"One of the best card games out thare really fun and entertaining."
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