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TripLog - GPS Mileage Tracker

FREE Low Maturity android In-app purchase
Overall Satisfaction click me 88
love the GPS logging feature and L/100km.
Love the auto start feature and so many other things about it.
this application has been the best one I've used.
Thanks Thanks Ted for getting it back up.
Fun & Engaging click me 39
Awesome support.
Awesome customer service.
Use it for work all the time.
Usefulness click me 59
Great app for business mileage tracking.
This program is going to be VERY useful for tax purposes.
just one click and it tracks everything.
I use every day for work.
Ease of Use click me 66
It's so easy to enter your vehicle expenses and mileage.
No flexibility in which parameters to enter.
Reports are easy to read and have plenty of useful information.
And makes it easy to keep up during the year.
Very convenient way of recording business mileage.
Useful and simple.
Pretty easy to use and accurate.
Reliability click me 69
They walked me through recovering lost data from a phone reset.
Updates & Support click me 98
TripLog is awesome and the customer service is great.
Poor customer service app will lose information.
very quick response to questions /problems.
Great app and outstanding customer service.
quickly responds to questions/problems.
Battery click me 23
Click blue bar for explanation of rating.
★★★★★ Most popular GPS mileage tracking app with over 400,000 downloads
★★★★★ The only app that AUTO STARTS when connected to Power or Bluetooth
★★★★★ The only mileage app reads vehicle odometer from OBD-II scan tools (optional)
★★★★★ Sync data to TripLog Web, plus Fleet Management
★★★★★ Integrate with QuickBooks™
★★★★★ Most comprehensive reports compliant to IRS TAX returns
★★★★★ Trucker support with IFTA fuel tax report and DEF fuel

• Track vehicle mileage and locations using GPS with most accuracy

• AUTO START when plugged in to power or connected to Bluetooth devices and drive more than 5 mph, or by set timeframe. Auto stop when vehicle stops and disconnected.
• Read vehicle odometer from OBD-II scanning devices.
• Show vehicle parking location
• Sync data between web service and mobile devices
• Fleet and workforce management on the web service
• Record actual driving route and show on Google Maps
• Three home screen WIDGETS. One-click start, stop, or pause GPS tracking and monitor stats
• Commercial TRUCK support (scale, lumpers, per diem allowance, state-by-state mileage for IFTA fuel tax report, and track DEF fuel purchases and gas mileage)
• IRS compliant tax return HTML and CSV reports and built-in 2014 mileage rates
• Capture expense receipt photos and upload to the Cloud
• Support all kinds of business expense types for bookkeeping
• Turn regular expenses into scheduled reminders with time and mileage intervals
• Calculate fuel economy (MPG, L/100km, or KM/L)
• Mark locations as tollbooth and automatically apply tolls to trips that pass through it
• Back up to device, email or cloud (powered by Amazon S3, not associated with your personal Amazon account). Automatic daily backup available
• Backup data can be transferred to TripLog for iOS through the cloud
• Import locations from phone Contacts and Google Maps via “Share” option
• Support multiple vehicles, multiple tax categories (business, medical, charity, etc.) and multiple business entities
• Support units of measure, date format, and currencies in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, and other 20 countries



Excellent customer support. If you have any questions, please send us email. We will reply to all customer emails within 24 hours. We cannot reach you if you only leave review comments in Play Store.

most popular gps mileage tracking app with over 400 000 downloads. found in 31 reviews
Would recommend this app for all the small business owners. found in 8 reviews
Exporting reports come tax time is a huge time saver too. found in 12 reviews
Great app for business mileage tracking. found in 7 reviews
support multiple vehicles multiple tax categories business medical charity etc. found in 5 reviews
Everything you need as a business to track mileage and vehicle expenses. found in 6 reviews
A great app with great customer support. found in 3 reviews
Excellent for small biz owners. found in 3 reviews
It really has helped me keep track of miles. found in 4 reviews
This is one great app and the developer is very responsive. found in 2 reviews
very quick response to questions /problems. found in 6 reviews
Great for tracking milage on multiple cars. found in 3 reviews
I plug in my phone and activate the app and away I go. found in 4 reviews
Use it for work all the time. found in 2 reviews
Best app in its class. found in 1 reviews
you have to log the dollars and the cents completely separately. found in 19 reviews
I really love Trip Log. found in 20 reviews
Wish it just auto saved and moved on the next trip. found in 14 reviews
the notification saying i have started a trip wont go away. found in 1 reviews
App closes when attach receipt. found in 2 reviews
Corrected issue in trip tracking. found in 3 reviews
Great abs but way too many updates. found in 2 reviews
can't imagine going back to writing my mileage down on paper. found in 3 reviews
Unable to attach receipt. found in 2 reviews
it has been force stopping since the most recent update. found in 1 reviews
I loved the app but will not update. found in 2 reviews
Responsive and open developer. found in 2 reviews
Force Close after update with LG G2x. found in 6 reviews
but the data needs to be stored in something else besides CSV. found in 1 reviews
but uses too much battery on my phone. found in 2 reviews
It says it need access to our call log and contacts. found in 4 reviews
Cannot type odometer mileage in. found in 2 reviews
Please add copy trip to previous day. found in 3 reviews
Now every time I try to open. found in 5 reviews
Until you need to retrieve your data. found in 6 reviews
Use to work before last update please fix. found in 23 reviews
Very hard to get it to log locations appropriately. found in 19 reviews
I paid 7 originally and now get ads to purchase again. found in 11 reviews
Does not work on my Galaxy sII after update 4. found in 7 reviews
Forced close after update. found in 6 reviews
This version crashes on Samsung Galaxy S III. found in 6 reviews
The option to open on navigation is off too. found in 5 reviews
Stopped Working after Update. found in 4 reviews
Does not work after upgrade to paid version. found in 4 reviews
Doesn't open after latest update please fix urgently. found in 4 reviews
rated better for vehicle mileage.   rated better for fuel consumption.  
rated better for keeping me on track.  
rated better for gas usage.   rated better for expense tracking.  
rated better for get to work on time.  
"perfect solution for mileage tracking for tax expense purposes."
"Am appreciative of the accurate functioning of the GPS mileage tracking."
"Between mileage tracking and maintenance history."
"Makes mileage tracking a lot easier for tax purposes."
"Exactly what I want in a mileage tracking app."
"This app makes sure i go to work on time all the time."
"Could use some additional features to compile data & preset work times."
"I am reliably getting up early enough to make it to work on time."
"Great for recorsing your work times for different clients/projects."
3,417 total

This app is popular with:
  • TripLog is awesome and the customer service is great.
  • This little gem makes my record keeping SO easy now.
  • Mileage tracker is spot on with the car's odometer.
  • great for tax mileage and expense tracking.
  • Tech support was quick and efficient.
  • Had a little glitch with the backup and restore to the cloud.
  • Best App for Canadians.
  • "Can't remove from your notification bar."
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