Flash as torchlight


Flash as torchlight

Totem SOS Flashlight torch light Assocham Award winner 2013 use your phone like a torch in emergency sos totem flashlight torch starts flash continuosly until clicked again --toggle---pls use with care as battery discharges pretty fast if flash is ON will soon launch a flasher version also instead of continuous on and u can control flash speed can be used to send morse code or sos message also while hiking young kids use it for fun to play at night u may give your comments on totem sos FB facebook site to share your ideas with friends globally to improve same police may use this flashlight at night or looking for suspected objects try and use only for safety or in crises as battery drains fast service engineers and truck drivers use this torch for machine repair if stuck at night walking back at night in a dark alley --use this app jogging in the jungle at night --watchout for snakes www.totemsos.com

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