You can use this software to prevent access to specific applications and features of your device. It can also restricts web-browsing i.e. helps you to set limits on the websites your children can visit. You will be able to receive: - information about web requests and location of device; - report of applications usage. Take complete control of your phone - find out where was device at specific time and which application has been launched. Parental control - you can install the software on your child's phone and restrict access on games during school time or any other time. After installing the software you will be able to give your phone/tablet to your child with no worries that he/she downloads something, buys anything in internet-shop or changes your device settings. You can hide your contacts, SMS or Instant messenger history and leave your phone unattended. Limiting applications usage - Supervisor allows to block apps according to: - weekly schedule accurate within minutes; - daily timer; - unconditional ban; - combination of timer and schedules. Web-filter allow you to control access to websites. In addition the program has following options: - new software purchasing prohibition; - phone calls and/or SMS sending prohibition; - restriction of system settings changing. Also you get remotely reports about usage device on program site: - device location; - applications usage information; - list of internet-requests.

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