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Spot Me

FREE Low Maturity android
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Keep track of all your friends that you borrow or lend money to. Does your friends always ask you to "spot me" when going to a bar because they forgot their wallet? Spot Me is an application that helps you keep track of everyone you loan or borrow money to. If you ever borrowed or loaned money to your friends, Spot Me is the perfect software that will help you keep track of everyone you borrow or loaned money to. Spot Me keeps transaction details for each person you borrow or lend money to!

Spot Me can automatically provide you with a choice of locations near you to keep good track of where and when the money was loaned. (Bob's Bar and Grill, Regal Theatre, etc).

The Spot Me application will automatically sync with your phone contacts and Facebook contact. If they are from your phone contact, you can send them a friendly text message with a click of a button. If they are on your Facebook contact, you can post to their Facebook page with a friendly reminder with a click of a button.

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Version 4.2

- Support international currency symbol

com for more information. found in 1 reviews
support international currency symbol. found in 1 reviews
but it should have an edit option. found in 1 reviews
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