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? Top Developer (awarded 2013 and 2015) ? ?? 7th July 2016 much improved play and bidding! See end of description for full details! ?? Spades Free brings this classic 4-player contract trick taking card game to Google Play, created to the same high standard as the rest of our games, Spades Free supplies classy graphics, super smooth gameplay, highly scalable difficulty & much more. Spades has never been so good! Featuring: ? Full Spades Partnership Play ? 18 CPU characters of varying skill (beginner to expert) ? Choose your spades partner and who to play against! ? Select from 13 different backgrounds or use your custom background! ? Human and CPU player stats! ? Undo & Hints ? Game Rules & Help ? Designed for both Tablet and Phone ? Jokers, Barmore, NYC and Deuces available ? NEW! Big improvements in play strength (see below for details) ? NEW! Added in-game score help: tap end-of-hand scores for explanations ? NEW! Added "Pro mode" option for stronger play ? NEW! Added "Speed Play" option for fast games ? NEW! Added "Aggression" option to make all CPU players bid more aggressively ? NEW! In-game displays to help player track rules in use Summary of major new work completed in this new version: 4 years after the original release of Spades Free, we are happy to announce the single greatest improvement in play quality, after a prolonged dedicated period devoted to just Spades. This has always been a collaborative project shared with York University and has combined the best of AI research with game industry engineering to achieve the best result. In this last period particular attention was paid to the Nil game and partner play, but we also made substantial progress in the Joker variants and efficiency of the analysis. The end product was worth it. Discover the updated play for yourself! We have now run extensive tests and for regular Spades rules the new version wins points an impressive 62% faster than the October 2014 version, so wins almost all games. For Barmore rules this advance in points win rate is an astounding 217% faster. To get this big jump in performance we took some ideas from the World Champion Go program AlphaGo, which recently beat the human world champion for what is considered the world's hardest game. Bidding now includes a new hybrid bidding system that allows Spades to make much better high bids. We are looking to add more great features and game variants for Spades Free. Watch this space! This free version is supported by 3rd party ads. Ads may use internet connectivity, and therefore subsequent data charges may apply. The photos/media/files permission is required to allow the game to save game data to external storage, and is sometimes used to cache ads.

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  • Highligths
    The different levels of difficulty make this game really fun and challenging”
    Rate 5 stars because its super fun
    A real stress reliever and time passer”
    V good and fast game
    Lets u pick ur apponents for a challenging game
    Amazing game and it runs so smoothly”
    It is user friendly and i have not had any issues”
    Its an awsome game for card lovers”
    It's a very addictive game with beautiful AI design”
    Really fun game and good learning tool
  • Keep in mind
    It cheaps don't keep score right”
    #1 problem - no online play
    The computer players don't use good strategy
    I don't like that I have to keep touching the screen
    It cheated the first game
    Partner play is illogical at times if you pay attention

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