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Slot Machine - FREE Casino

FREE Stufe 2 - Mittel android
Play Slot Machine, Vegas Casino Style Slots. Compete with 10 M+ players worldwide. FREE to download.

- Play with 5 paylines upto 75 levels

- Loads of high rewarding casino style games
- Progressive Jackpot. Free chips every 60 seconds!
- Online Worldwide Leaderboards to compete
- 2x MULTIPLIERS & Nudge/Hold to improve your winnings

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Definitely the best slot machine game I've played. found in 736 reviews
excellent games best slot game I've ever played. found in 167 reviews
It's an awesome game all my family all playit. found in 99 reviews
Lots to keep you interested great time waster. found in 37 reviews
It's really addictive and a great time passer. found in 29 reviews
Real good game started playing because of my wife really enjoy playing. found in 44 reviews
slot Machine- free Casino 0. found in 12 reviews
It's very interesting game to play for fun. found in 9 reviews
Love the old school style and all the added extras. found in 6 reviews
Very nice game it's a winner. found in 11 reviews
Great game clean fun. found in 4 reviews
Keeps me occupied while my children are sleeping. found in 6 reviews
Need to be able play more lines and more free spins. found in 19 reviews
It's a nice way to waste time on a break at work. found in 16 reviews
Not a bad game but passes time when your bored. found in 25 reviews
Alright wish I could bet more money tho than 3 coins. found in 39 reviews
doesn't crash and not too many pop up adds. found in 38 reviews
Good game but way to many ads and pop ups. found in 53 reviews
Only drawback is so many pop up ads to download other games. found in 16 reviews
Ever since the update there are way too many ads and pop ups. found in 8 reviews
Good game but gets a little boring after a while. found in 12 reviews
I loved this game until the update that included the horse race that you. found in 21 reviews
its fun but gets alil boring after awhile. found in 7 reviews
Its not a very good game I reckamend to uninstall it. found in 26 reviews
It would be much better if we could bet more than 3 Max. found in 44 reviews
I really enjoyed playing this game until the update. found in 16 reviews
Sometimes game freezes for a bit but otherwise no problem. found in 9 reviews
Good game but too many pop ups right in the middle of playing. found in 5 reviews
I don't like the ads interrupting my TIMED games. found in 5 reviews
Mini games are poor need more variance with them. found in 403 reviews
Can't play mini game cause not enough credits. found in 74 reviews
You can't play bonus games unless you purchase coins. found in 65 reviews
There is no way to get free coins for mini games. found in 56 reviews
and false shouldn't be under free games cause u can't play. found in 51 reviews
but can only use 3 coins at a time. found in 44 reviews
Far too many pop ups and adverts. found in 38 reviews
Was great but now the super spin crashes my phone. found in 33 reviews
Trust to force you to spend real money. found in 32 reviews
but it does not pay out winnings for the top line. found in 31 reviews
It doesn't make me want to upgrade. found in 30 reviews
Super jackpot is a bit of a waste of time. found in 28 reviews
Lots of bugs bonus game doesnt fit my tabley screen. found in 28 reviews
Needs to have auto spin. found in 25 reviews
Not a bad game quite realistic. found in 25 reviews
Can't really play some bonus unless you buy coins. found in 24 reviews
rated better for out of coins.   rated better for free spins.  
rated better for play bonus.   rated better for game runs.  
rated better for pop ups.   rated better for sound effects.  
"Best slot game that I've played thus far."
"I have to say this is one of the best slot games out now."
"Yours is the best slot game out there and I'm so very happy."
"Way better than most of the slot games out there."
"This is the best multi slot game out there."
"Finally a slot game that's really really fun."
"More casino games than time available to play."
"Good graphics and good sound just like the real casino games."
"Best Casino slots is the most exciting slot game."
"Dozens of different casino games and great bonus rounds."
"You can play casino games any time and anywhere."
"great slots some of my favorite real casino games."
"Its just like the video poker game king in the casinos."
"My most loved & played video poker application."
"fun and a great tool to practice video poker with."
"I enjoy all the slots and the video poker."
"wormhole poker deuces wild video poker on your own personal spaceship."
"all of the New slots along with the video poker."
0 total
  • All I have to say is its a time killer awsome.
  • Just the mindless game im a looking for.
  • This game is a fast paced game and is very fun.
  • I generally would prefer casino games more than any other games.
  • This game is cool with the sound effects.
  • "but the new spam notifications that I can't turn off suck."
  • "Annoying ads."
  • "Started using air push notification bar ads around v6."
  • "Loose status bar ads or I loose the app."
  • "and annoying with the weekly updates."
  • "Score on leader board doesn't reflect actual score."
  • "Game play ok but stinks to have to buy bonus games."
  • "Needs more bonus rounds and free spins."
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