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Sketch Guru

FREE Unrated android
Cheetah Mobile Inc. (Sketch Guru)
Overall Satisfaction click me 87
Sketch Guru is probably one of the best sketch apps around.
Sketch Guru is one of the best photo editing apps I've ever downloaded in my smartphone.
A great app that makes even normal pics look amazing.
Beautiful app for photo lovers and I also like it very much.
Amazing effects and so easy to create your own masterpiece.
Its petfect app to all my friends plz download my app.
Its and awsome app love doing sketch work on my photos.
Wonderfull app through which i can make different type of sketch.
Fun & Engaging click me 85
Great Little program to play around with pictures you have taken.
Easy to learn awesome effects amazing results.
Download and have loads of fun funking up your pictures.
Really fun to mess around with.
Awesome experience on my Xperia j.
Really having a lot of fun with this app makes awesome sketches.
I love this app it's very useful and fun to use.
Usefulness click me 94
I love this app it's very useful and fun to use.
Found this app very useful and fun.
Its so nice and makes beautiful paintings out of everyday pics.
Repeat Value click me 92
Hours of fun.
water color and many more variations.
Social Aspects click me 96
Color themselves then post it up on social media.
Little pieces of art for your social media.
and really fun to share with friends.
Production Values click me 76
so add more effects /filters or just add more features.
Nice and best apllication Kindly add more effect.
powerful with stunning results.
Ease of Use click me 62
Great choice of images and especially easy to save and send.
but now every photo I try to save.
easy to use and makes your pictures have extra dynamic and look good.
Good app for simple image editing.
It's easy to use and the result of the sketched picture is awesome.
easy controls.
Ads not Intrusive click me 100
Updates & Support click me 89
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Facebook and Flickr online albums supported now! You can import your social photos seamlessly in Sketch guru.

Sketch Guru is a professional app to make you an artist by creating pencil sketch of your photos.

Pick a picture from your gallery or capture one from your camera to generate the sketch.

We support both black-white and color sketch with 13 kinds of wonderful effects including: Gouache, PencilSketch, ColorPencil, WaterColor, HalfTone, SimpleSketch, ComicB&W, BlackBoard, BlackBoardColor, Print, B&W, PencilSketch2 and No sketch

You can also share them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, E-mail, etc.

SketchGuru is the best sketch app you can find on the market.

Come on and create wonderful and paintings.


* Resize photo: User can adjust the size of the picture by pressing buttons in 6 different ways
* 13 kinds of black-white and color sketch effects supported

Keywords: sketch free, sketch me, pencil sketch, paper camera, cartoon camera

Produces amazing pictures and VERY user friendly. found in 87 reviews
A great app that makes even normal pics look amazing. found in 32 reviews
Beautiful app for photo lovers and I also like it very much. found in 28 reviews
Great for doing quick studies for art layouts. found in 18 reviews
its totally change ur photos quailty and give nice looks. found in 17 reviews
Good selection of unique effects and ability to enhance each one. found in 13 reviews
Download and have loads of fun funking up your pictures. found in 11 reviews
Great when paired with photo grid. found in 12 reviews
Perfect app for turning a regular picture into a work of art. found in 3 reviews
Awsum app d same which i bein lukin forward hatsoff. found in 7 reviews
Easy to work for a good quality output. found in 4 reviews
Wonderfull app through which i can make different type of sketch. found in 5 reviews
2 thumps up for this apps. found in 5 reviews
Awesome experience on my Xperia j. found in 5 reviews
Great app love it alot. found in 4 reviews
thank u 17 Miles 4 this app. found in 5 reviews
Best sketcher I have found. found in 4 reviews
Follow me on ig jazzybelike. found in 2 reviews
This is the best sketching app I hav eva used. found in 3 reviews
Love the way we can adjust the contrast and brightness. found in 4 reviews
i want to install again but it saids "insufficient storage avaidable. found in 18 reviews
good but takes aonnnnnng time to download. found in 3 reviews
Nice but has very limited options. found in 4 reviews
I just wish they would have a paid version with no ads. found in 3 reviews
Good app but needs a little upgraded to be perfect. found in 2 reviews
But needs more improvement to faciltate the user when using it. found in 3 reviews
But i need transparent image saving option. found in 1 reviews
Its good but not very detailed. found in 2 reviews
App is vry good but ads :. found in 2 reviews
Gud but lacks some features. found in 2 reviews
Pretty cool but wish there were features like metallic paints or pencils. found in 3 reviews
Okay but can't handle large images. found in 2 reviews
Nice but annoying ads. found in 3 reviews
The effects doesn't reduce the picture quality :-. found in 3 reviews
No Add text option. found in 4 reviews
Cool but expect more from the app. found in 1 reviews
Only needs a few more options. found in 2 reviews
cant stop editing all in my gallery. found in 2 reviews
it says SD card error or something. found in 9 reviews
Annoying Ads. found in 3 reviews
Needs more improvement. found in 3 reviews
its good but takes to long. found in 3 reviews
This is the worst sketch program ever. found in 3 reviews
Its most pathetic sketch book I ever seen. found in 3 reviews
More unique features would make it better. found in 3 reviews
but after I saved my first picture. found in 3 reviews
the only option was to crop my photo. found in 3 reviews
Time waste. found in 2 reviews
False misleading title. found in 2 reviews
Good but ads. found in 2 reviews
If you don't know how to draw or sketch. found in 2 reviews
When I select a photo from my gallery app is closed. found in 2 reviews
rated better for photo shop.   rated better for make my photos.  
rated better for beautiful effects.  
"It is really onevof the best sketch apps i have ever seen."
"Unandroid product have this tool in their sketch application."
"Application is best shop/ sketch app for android."
"Good fun to use and the sketch feature works well."
"This app has everything you need for photo manipulation."
"Photo manipulation and many other professional features are there."
"Snapseed is my favourite mobile photo manipulation software."
"has the basic tools required for rudimentary photo manipulation and editing."
"Great for on the fly photo edits and basic photo manipulation."
"Cool options for photo manipulation."
"plenty of cool effects and tricks to make your pics look awesome."
"Always adding new options to make your pics so much better."
"Brittney This is great i can make my pics amazing so easily."
"But I always like more options to help make my pics look Amazing."
"Its so wonderful like really amazing u can make your pics wonderful."
"Awesome way to make pics with friends and family."
285,182 total

This app is popular with:
  • Basic photo editing app with cool filters.
  • Sketch Guru is probably one of the best sketch apps around.
  • The app allows me to edit pics really easily.
  • A comfortable and elegant pic sketch effect and very intuitive interface.
  • Mind Blowing App.
  • a good selection of effects.
  • Really facinating for art lovers.
  • love the variety of effects and it gets right to the point.
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