NO ICON or launcher icon will appear after the installation of the app.    From Today all your projects or your most intimates secrets are safe !   ... You can hide all your thoughts, notes, passwords or all your most important documents, pictures, photos, video clip, mp3 ... all you want ! and you can be sure ...   Only you know that the app is installed on  the phone.    So, for START the application :      1 Make a fake call to telephone number: 1111      2 Insert the pin code 0000      3 End      4 Reboot the mobile phone after first start. (the icon will disappears)      5 (Optional): change the pin code.      How to manage the app:      1 - dial the fake number 1111 (the app is starting)      2 - and ...  it's all !  You can now texting in peace and hide all your files  ... now you are safe  (all files hidden will be crypted)    Don't worry even the most trusted person that you could not deny nothing, your wife,your husband,your girlfriend or boyfriend,all  those persons or friends that  you can't say:  "No,I can't give you the password " can read the pages of your secrets or can see your personal files because these are totally hidden in the phone!     Do not appear anywhere!    Why this application is different from others?   Because no icon appears in the list of applications in your phone, so it is totally hidden.     This application is completely hidden from prying eyes and can only be activated by dialing a special access number and after inserting a pin code authentication!    So,  Protect your privacy from people around you! We all have secrets! ;-)      About "Hide files" feature:  It is important to read all the condition of use that you can find in the app. Protect your privacy !    If you want to help me to translate in your language please write me !   Are only a few words !      I will be grateful and will put your name in the acknowledgments of the app.  Thanks.    Warning: Don't lost pin code or dial number.   Unfortunately, the password or the pin are no longer recoverable ....     Very Soon it will be ready our page on facebook, stay tuned !       Follow me on twitter:!/androidreamapps    Stay tuned! This is my new channel for communicate with you !  FAQ:  the permission about the connection to internet is only for the link to advertising banner  

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  • Highligths
    Learn to read lmao”
    Now ur mom /sister will never find out”
    How do I reset pass code
    Hope thay make one to hide pics and videos
    Its very nice to keep your data from any one”
    A really great secret diary
    I love the security features above all”
  • Keep in mind
    Good and very useful but takes up FAR TOO MUCH storage space
    But appears to nothing more than a secure place to keep notes
    Keypad/dial does not appear while making a call
    Doesn't this hide pictures

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