Sam the Knight


Sam the Knight

Sam’s adventures continue! His dream has come true and he has become a knight. And the real knight needs a faithful steed, a strong armor suit, a fair lady, and valiant feats. Help Sam to arm himself and to accomplish a feat in honor of the fair lady. With this book, the readers have the opportunity to choose a steed and armor for Sam, to create his knightly arms, and to dress up a fair lady. Besides, they will know a lot about heraldic symbols, about great warriors that became history, and about their legendary feats. The pictures are fleshed out with extracts from the real artistic painting. This book is a great finding for the young history and world art lovers. Certainly, Sam’s adventures do not end here. Very soon, he will travel to the space! Though first of all, he has to accomplish this difficult crusade. Supported languages: Russian, English, French.

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