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Runtastic Running & Fitness

Ready to get in shape? Get started to with the free Runtastic GPS Running & Fitness app and let us be your go-to fitness tracker (distance, time, speed, elevation, calories burned & more) - for activities such as running, jogging, biking & walking using GPS. It’s the best of the best running apps! Plus it’s fully optimized for Android Wear. Ready to let Runtastic running apps be your run tracker, jogging tracker and fitness tracker? On top of being a run tracker and jogging tracker, the Runtastic GPS Running & Fitness tracker app provides you with many more features to improve your fitness and ensure you’re enjoying your workout. Additionally, you will be a part of a global fitness community for extra motivation. Plus, get tips and tricks from professional coaches to help you reach your fitness goals. APP FEATURES & BENEFITS: * Your personal fitness tracker: Track workouts in real-time with built-in GPS & monitor your personal training diary. * Real Voice Coach: Audio feedback based on your preferred statistics for the first mile * Yearly Running Goal: You can do better than last year, right? Set a running goal for the entire year & we will keep you motivated and on track to reach it * Shoe Tracking: Keep track of the mileage on your running shoes so you know when it’s time to retire your shoes and get a new pair * Running Leaderboard: See who’s run the furthest this/last week or this month. We will be your run tracker and jogging tracker and help motivate you during your GPS running activities * LIVE Tracking & Cheering: Receive messages & cheers from your friends on your next GPS running activity * Powersong: Integrated music player & Powersong to give your next workout a boost * Runtastic Wearable Connect: Display activity stats on Runtastic Orbit & Runtastic Moment, our 24/7 wearables (perfect during GPS running, jogging, biking and hiking activities) * Integration with Google Fit & MyFitnessPal ADDITIONAL BENEFITS FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS: * Personalized 12-week body transformation plan in the Runtastic Results app * Unlimited Training Plans (5K, 10K, Half-Marathon, Marathon…) * Unlimited Story Runs * Running ABC Videos: Expertly designed to help improve your running technique * Records & Personal Best * Advanced Stats & Analysis * Weekly Fitness Report Runtastic for Android Wear: * Start a Runtastic activity directly from your wrist with Android Wear * View details of your current activity in real time and enjoy instant access to tracking controls without taking your phone out of your pocket * Control music & your personal Powersong with one click * Access statistics of your recent activities & monitor your progress with monthly workout stats * Share your success on Facebook and Twitter directly from your Android Wear Save all workouts on In the Runtastic online community, you'll get further analyses, coaching & encouraging comparisons to friends! These benefits keep you motivated while striving to reach fat burning, cardio training or overall health & wellness goals. You can also choose an expert training plan! Whether you’re looking for a run tracker, jogging tracker or fitness tracker – you get all 3 in one app! Join our worldwide community today.

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  • Highligths
    Runtastic is my fantastic Running partner
    Great app helps me track my routes and distance”
    Like my very own running buddy
    I've just taken up running and wanted to track my progress
    This app is a great running companion
    Deserve 5 star rating good fitness app easy to use”
    I use it for running & its THE BEST WORKOUT APP
    All manner of info to track progress and stay motivated
    Love to keep track of my progress & add scenery pictures”
    Excellent jogging app
  • Keep in mind
    But why does sports tracker tracks perfectly”
    Voice notification didn't work and kept making my music player crash”
    It keeps losing the GPS location so distance is inaccurate”
    It just tracks time bit no calorie count or distance”
    My main complaint is the inability to pause your workout”
    But with limited voice coaching and complete disregard of my privacy”
    Ask before you spam my notification bar
    Battery usage unacceptable”
    Refunded Pro-No Interval Training
    Social media is lame”

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