You want the REAL radar data, EXACTLY as used by the National Weather Service itself, not smoothed approximations claiming to be high definition? The data that NWS radar generates appears pixelated to inexperienced users, but there is a reason it looks that way - accuracy! That is what PYKL3Radar gives you. If you want professional grade information instead of pretty pictures, you have come to the right place! Combine that with its unmatched customization, and PYKL3Radar earns its place as the highest rated radar viewer for Android since its introduction in 2010 PYKL3 Radar (pronounced Pickle Radar) was introduced in 2010 as the first level 3 radar viewer for Android. It remains the most advanced, yet simple to use application for United States radar information. PYKL3Radar is intended for users who want more out of a weather radar viewer...much more! PYKL3Radar also gives you surface observation plots (ground truth), satellite imagery, and virtually every National Weather Service text product wrapped with a highly customizable experience. Designed with first responders, spotters, emergency management officials, and chasers in mind, PYKL3 continues to push the limits of what is possible on Android by embracing the ideas of a very active user community. PYKL3 is the only Android viewer with customizable colors, including the radar color table. What's more, your location is constantly displayed right on top of the radar imagery. PYKL3 Radar is the application for having the critical weather data you need. Radar data from every operational National Weather Service WSR-88D and FAA Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) site is delivered to your phone with products ranging from standard reflectivity to the newest dual-pol variables. Need more? Pull up the latest satellite imagery or warning products with the touch of your screen. With an optional subscription to or, add the display of graphical severe weather outlooks, convective watch boxes, local storm reports, storm tracks, and lightning. Supported by a fantastic user community, PYKL3 Radar is brought to you by a developer with a passion for weather for serious users of radar data. We know Google Play only gives you 15 minutes to evaluate a program before a purchase. That's not nearly enough time to explore the many features and options of PYKL3Radar. So, purchase in confidence! If it does not meet your expectations, just write us back within 24 hours of your purchase and we'll get you refunded. If you have any issues with the program, please contact We are here to help! PLEASE ENSURE A SOLID, FAST INTERNET CONNECTION WHEN RUNNING THE FIRST TIME as about 10MB of support files are acquired. If you run into issues, please contact us. We can help! Product page and manual: Facebook: Twitter: http:// Product support:

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