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Boost GRE vocabulary in a painless and efficient way with spaced repetition. Like us on Facebook ^^ Features: * most common GRE words with examples * variety of exercises (word->definition, definition->word, sentence completion, etc.) * traditional word cards * word list supporting searches by titles and definitions * keeping track of learning progress * offline pronunciation All the best for your GRE prepping. From Phil, with love ^^. ------------------------------------ NOTE: you can manually mark a word as 'mastered' by long tapping on it in the word list. A mastered word will still show up in rare occasions. If you spot typos/mistakes, don't hesitate to email me :) Upcoming features: * more intuitive graphs * games (maybe) My thanks for all the help from Bilal Hasan and Abbas Eghlimi. FAQ: 1. Please add feature to allow resuming session. -> No. It's a design decision. You are supposed to work on an entire session in one go without distraction. 2. I see mastered words again... -> Mastered words will still reappear in rare occasions. They might happen in batch. 3. I suddenly get all new words regardless of the set ratio -> Old words will not reappear immediately. They need a while to show up again. The duration increases over time if you do well on them. 4. I suddenly get all old words regardless of the set ratio. -> You have been trying to cram too much in a short period of time. In summary, the app takes care of old words/new words for you. The principle is few repetition over a long, increasing periods of time is more effective than lots of frequent ones. I add some options other than the default ones due to excessive whining from multiple people. Use them at your own risks. Basically, if you're trying to cram a crazy number of words in a short period of time, you're looking for something else. Please don't ask for a "fix".

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