My Easy Diet – Weight Loss app


My Easy Diet – Weight Loss app

My Easy Diet – The Ultimate Weight Loss App EAT MORE TO LOSE WEIGHT!!! Eat as much as you want, Satisfy your appetite and still Slim Down... Need to slim down? Lose weight easily with My Easy Diet, a healthy way to lose fat and weight, fast and naturally. This is not a calorie based program, you MUST EAT as much as you want. Try the first week for ONLY $ 0,99 to personally realize the amazing results of this slimming program. We know sometimes it’s hard to believe you actually can realize your aspirations when you may have tried for many years and nothing has worked out for you. That’s why My Easy Diet will be your ULTIMATE DIET. Just imagine enjoying yourself while slimming like never before and fitting into clothes you once thought impossible to wear. My Easy Diet will help you take those extra pounds off with personalized slimming weeks based on your body type and goals. You might want to try out My Easy Diet because you are curious of the incredible results, that’s why you can get the FIRST WEEK for only $ 0,99. ? Discover an almost instant weight loss, as My Easy Diet will boost your FAT BURNING metabolism WITHIN THE FIRST DAY. ? NO EXERCISE REQUIRED ? Drop sizes in just a few weeks, you will see! ? NO CALORIE COUNTING AND NO FOOD WEIGHING REQUIRED ? Discover an added amount of energy you may not have felt in years, all within the very first weeks of the program. ? DO NOT GET HUNGRY ? Achieve your weight-loss goals ? Become healthier and be more attractive. ? Track your weight, measurements and photos to visualize your progress and keep your motivation high everyday. ? You can also post your progress to twitter and facebook (optional) ? Receive daily push notifications that help you to keep in mind what your goal is and to remember that you can achieve it! ? WARNING! My Easy Diet is not appropriate for those looking for calories tracking, rigorous exercise program or detailed nutritional info. My Easy Diet is easier and efficient. Age Limit: You have to be minimum 16 years old to receive the personalized weight loss plan of My Easy Diet. TRY for ONLY $ 0,99 an entire week of this successful weight loss app that really works NOTE: We really appreciate your feedback. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to your reviews on the App Store. Please, contact us directly at if you have any questions. Many thanks! THERE IS NO FASTER OR EASIER weight loss APP THAN My Easy Diet.

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