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MP3 Music download Revolution

FREE Low Maturity android
i like music
Overall Satisfaction click me 85
Full songs full ring tone best music downloader.
fake music downloader.
The only music downloader application you'll need.
it has more songs than other music apps.
Needs more songs there's lots I can't find that I really want.
This app is so amazing.
The best selection anywhere with the fastest downloads.
Fun & Engaging click me 82
it has more songs than other music apps.
Needs more songs there's lots I can't find that I really want.
Bloody awesome.
Usefulness click me 65
I found everything I was looking for.
Found everything I was looking for.
Love this app finds everything I want 5 stars from me.
Great app it finds everything.
Reliability click me 45
How to fix this.
Ads not Intrusive click me 58
To many updates.
Okay wtf is with the commercials entirely to many.
had to rate first.
Click blue bar for explanation of rating.
You can:
1. Search mp3 music downloads
2. Download mp3 music (don't use this feature for illegal things but for jingle bells,aso. mp3 music download)
3. Edit track tag of mp3 music download
4. Share mp3 music download with you friends (social networks, e-mail and others)

Search mp3 music download through the best music database.

Search mp3 music downloads through the best music search engine.

Just use mp3 music downloads from public domain!

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This app has found every song that i was looking for. found in 19 reviews
it's still probably one of the best music apps available to date. found in 4 reviews
search mp3 music downloads through the best music search engine. found in 3 reviews
best ive seen so far and ive been through alot. found in 2 reviews
One of the best -fantastic lists and it works. found in 1 reviews
So cute poptart kitty. found in 2 reviews
It uses Nyan Cat for playing music and downloading progress :. found in 1 reviews
Great for finding underground songs. found in 1 reviews
Clarity is good. found in 1 reviews
In the android market fir downloading music. found in 2 reviews
It woulda Been five stars but to many ads. found in 15 reviews
Hope this helps to fix the errors. found in 18 reviews
Decent results when it works always server overload errors. found in 34 reviews
If it weren't for the good music selection. found in 2 reviews
Just need to fix the search bug. found in 4 reviews
Was working fine but after the update it force closes every time I open it. found in 1 reviews
Cool app too much ads tho. found in 3 reviews
Finding a lot of music I couldn't find elsewhere. found in 3 reviews
Don't waste the time. found in 4 reviews
Uninstalled doesn't work. found in 2 reviews
Used to work pretty good but now it doesn't AT ALL. found in 21 reviews
I love the app but would love to see faster search times and download speed. found in 7 reviews
BUT "outdated search" error whenever i try to download a song. found in 5 reviews
Ads are one thing for keeping it free. found in 1 reviews
Was working fine but after the update it force closes every time I open. found in 1 reviews
Good app but needs improvement. found in 1 reviews
After several days of using keep on showing "internet error ". found in 2 reviews
Just keeps coming up with server overloaded error messgage ALL THE TIME. found in 34 reviews
How to fix this. found in 18 reviews
Can't find any songs and this app is just a waste of time. found in 17 reviews
What a waist of free time overload error. found in 16 reviews
Okay wtf is with the commercials entirely to many. found in 15 reviews
Every time I try to search I get popups. found in 14 reviews
Nds improvement but has gud search engine. found in 13 reviews
Wayyyy too many POP up ads. found in 10 reviews
but if you don't want me to rate this app badly. found in 10 reviews
Opens play store as a way to being revenue besides ads. found in 6 reviews
Would give it five but way too many push ads. found in 5 reviews
Don't waste the time installing. found in 4 reviews
It wont find ANYTHING I type in anyone have the same problem. found in 4 reviews
And I couldn't search music it had an error. found in 4 reviews
rated better for music search.   rated better for music downloader.  
rated better for genres of music.   rated better for finding songs.  
"u can find any song u want rlly good love it."
"The song name artist name lyrics at ur hand."
"Best app for finding the hard to find songs."
"Extremely useful app for downloading hard to find songs."
"It's a good app being able to find songs quick and easy."
"Not bad found a couple of hard to find songs on this app."
"This is the best app for downloading music on Android."
"this is probs the best music download app ive ever had."
"perfect app for downloading bollywood Hollywood malayalam tamil songs."
"Seriously the best free music downloading app on the market."
"Cool its downloading music with their album art just perfect."
"All about downloading music for ourselves for our cell."
3,538 total
  • This is by far the best music downloading app out right now.
  • best music download app ever in my opinion.
  • large library with album art and bitrate display.
  • First dowloader that i can really find songs and dowload.
  • Now I can download all my old school music.
  • it has all the hip hop songs i want.
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