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Music Maniac - Mp3 Downloader

FREE Low Maturity android
Overall Satisfaction click me 91
Omg best music downloader app ever ive tried others their not as good.
This app is one of the best music apps i have.
Hands down the best MP3 downloader I have ever used.
Never had a problem like this with any other mp3 downloader.
Works great just need more songs from selected artists.
Downloads quick but needs more songs from artist already on here.
Allows me to discover more and more artists.
And it needs more artists on it too.
Great selection of songs and downloads extremely quick with good quality songs.
The best free mp3 downloader i've tried by far.
Good sound quality and can download multiple songs at the same.
Fun & Engaging click me 70
Works great just need more songs from selected artists.
Downloads quick but needs more songs from artist already on here.
Since now i have this i can download more music.
Needs more music from that artist.
Awesome music downloader cause you can download alot at once.
Awesome selection very few songs i couldnt find.
Usefulness click me 88
A definite plus is that music mania provides up to date songs.
Not up to date fix I give more stars.
easy and I've found everything I've looked for so far and the quality is excellent.
I've been able to find most everything i've searched for.
Ease of Use click me 68
Very easy to download songs and it has the best quality as well.
now i can't download song anymore because of this problem.
It's fast to download and music are always updated.
Takes way to long to down load songs.
Its a lot better than Simple MP3.
Reliability click me 80
Would definitely recommend this app to down songs.
Takes way to long to down load songs.
Ads not Intrusive click me 96
To many ads especially the wells Fargo video 30 sec of B.
Most aggressive full screen video ads I've even seen.
Way too many commercials in between song downloads.
Click blue bar for explanation of rating.
Through this app you can search in a extensive database of CC Licensed songs.This app is a great source to download all the free songs licensed under creative commons.

All Search results contain full information about artists, albums and the Album-Art as well, so its easier for you to identify what you are looking for. Also no broken links here. All the downloaded files will be in Music Maniac folder on SD-card or your external storage.

Please note, Although we have done our best to avoid this, but we do not maintain our own databases, therefore the app may show some non CC Licensed songs in results. If you download such songs through this app we shall not be held responsible in any way.

Questions or problems with the functioning of the app? Send us an email.

Thanks to music mania i have all my favorite songs. found in 45 reviews
The best music application I have had since doing them 15yrs ago. found in 9 reviews
The music is clear and the art work is great. found in 8 reviews
Full length songs downloaded to your phone in just a few minutes. found in 7 reviews
complete with the album artwork and everything. found in 11 reviews
The best free downloadable music app on the market hands down. found in 6 reviews
Omg i love this app i downloded 20 songs in 10 minutes. found in 4 reviews
Music maniac should have bolth explicit and unexplicit versions of songs. found in 5 reviews
Always a multitude of results even with obscure songs. found in 7 reviews
Provides a decent amount of music and fast download speeds. found in 8 reviews
Downloads high quality audio and the album art in tandem. found in 4 reviews
Real fast downloads on LG G2. found in 4 reviews
Luv dis app got everything I want. found in 4 reviews
Its not adding songs to my list of songs. found in 6 reviews
Some of the songs don't show up in my playlist until days later. found in 46 reviews
Down loaded songs don't show up in phone and take memory up. found in 46 reviews
Has every song i search for but songs don't download completely. found in 46 reviews
Some songs don't download but app speaks for itself. found in 46 reviews
Downloads quick but needs more songs from artist already on here. found in 166 reviews
But doesnt have most new songs please add more songs. found in 166 reviews
30 second video ads that you can't skip through. found in 39 reviews
way to many ads but I really like so fast so cool. found in 62 reviews
Doesn't have all the songs I'm looking for & connects VERY slow. found in 18 reviews
Just hate that sometimes u can't listen to a preview. found in 29 reviews
I gave it four stars because the previous songs dont play. found in 13 reviews
Overall great app but sometimes can't find certain songs. found in 18 reviews
Plus it doesn't have a lot of downloading errors like the others. found in 12 reviews
It sucks sometimes i cant fine songs but still good app. found in 10 reviews
everytime i download a song it either cuts of or repeats please fix. found in 147 reviews
It takes too long to connect to song to preview. found in 17 reviews
Needs more options for example album search and download history. found in 14 reviews
This app makes my phone constantly reboot when attemptin to download a song. found in 152 reviews
&& Makes Me Watch A Video EVERYTIME I Download A Song. found in 147 reviews
Everytime you download a song you have to watch a 30sec. found in 144 reviews
u cannot find the songs even the most popular ones. found in 69 reviews
To many ads especially the wells Fargo video 30 sec of B. found in 62 reviews
This app sucks i cant fine some artists i'm looking for. found in 61 reviews
Doesnt ever download the songs i want and if it does decide to work. found in 60 reviews
The songs don't show up on my phone anymore. found in 46 reviews
It's great except for the songs don't download fully. found in 46 reviews
Most of the songs don't even download properly Bad app. found in 46 reviews
Songs don't show on my phone please please please fix :l. found in 46 reviews
Most aggressive full screen video ads I've even seen. found in 39 reviews
We can't listen to the music before download Please fix this. found in 29 reviews
Tried to find good spanish music and i found garbage. found in 25 reviews
Doesn't have half the songs I want and when I do find a song. found in 21 reviews
but the music I download isn't accessible through anything except this app. found in 21 reviews
rated better for music player.   rated better for download alot.  
rated better for watching videos.  
rated better for finding songs.   rated better for pop ups.  
rated better for new artists.   rated better for gospel music.  
"About a 90 % success rate of finding song title and artist."
"Best app for finding the hard to find songs."
"Helps me find songs that I hear on the radio while driving."
"It has found hard to find songs and downloaded them practically instantly."
"it really downloads even the hardest to find songs."
"First dowloader that i can really find songs and dowload."
"This Is the best mp3 player I've ever downloaded."
"finally found nice mp3 download the best."
"The best mp3 download app I found and use."
"It works so much better than any other mp3 download app."
"Best and quickest mp3 download app ever downloaded."
"This is the best mp3 download app of all that i tried."
"search and download mp3 music through the best music search engine."
"I started with another music search app and then found this one."
"MP3 Music Search Download Pro is a recient app I downloaded."
"4 powerful music search engine global songs downloads."
"And soundhound used to be my go-to music search app."
"Best music recognition app I've used so far."
65,703 total

This app is popular with:
  • This app is one of the best music apps i have.
  • I now found the best music finder.
  • Omg best music downloader app ever ive tried others their not as good.
  • This app is one of the best apps to download music for free.
  • Good quality music and has a wide variety of songs.
  • This is a must have app for music lovers.
  • you'll need an mp3 player to actually listen to your music.
  • Found every song i wanted which is more than some music apps have managed.
  • has waaaay many more search returns than your average music search engine.
  • By far the best music source for downloading I've ever used.
  • So easy and such a huge variety of songs and artists.
  • I recommend it to music fans.
  • "My anti virus flagged it as intrusive adware."
  • "I download something it doesn't even go to my music library."
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