Learn Japanese vocabulary with Kotoba-chan! * 169 715 words and phrases * 150 060 sample sentences (with furigana and English translation) Requirements: * Ability to read hiragana and katakana * 24 megabytes of disk space Specific features: * Words divided into multiple different categories (JLPT levels, Mainichi Shimbun most frequent words, etc) * Track learning progress of every category and subcategory separately * Every category can further be divided into groups of 50 words * Free, no ads and does not need internet connection Kotoba-chan came to existence because it was annoying to do Japanese tests on other apps. Now you can actually see real-time how well you are performing with certain words and whether you should move to the next level. The progress bar is first grey and after giving correct answers in training mode turns into red, orange, yellow and finally green. If the progress bar is fully green then you have answered every word correctly at least 5 times. When training Kotoba-chan will carefully choose words that you have answered less or wrong more often so you get to train them more. While training you can click on the bottom bar which shows the correct answer to the last question. A sentence listing with the word will pop up. "How useful!" says Kotoba-chan with a cute look :) Known problems: * There are no senteces for some (even common) words. For some reason katakana words are missing right now. * Search is very experimental - slow and not very good with matching. At least it tries to give words that are similar :) * Some tasks are slow. I will try to make some asynchronuous and have a loading panel in next versions. Credits: * Obenkyo app - One of the best Japanese learning apps that gave me a lot of inspiration! * JLPT vocabulary - From Tanos web site (http://www.tanos.co.uk/jlpt/skills/vocab/) - Creative Commons "BY" license * Sentences - Tanaka corpus (http://www.edrdg.org/wiki/index.php/Tanaka_Corpus) - Creative Commons "BY" license * Dictionary - JMdict (http://www.edrdg.org/edrdg/licence.html) - Creative Commons "BY-SA" license

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