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IP Cam Viewer Pro

$3.99 Everyone android
Robert Chou
Overall Satisfaction click me 78
Feature wise this is the best IP camera viewer app in my opinion.
The best ipcam app i have ever found thanks Robert.
Simply the best web cam viewer on android.
Picture quality great.
but the video picture quality is horrible.
all the latest cameras and great video quality.
but poor video quality.
This is the best camera viewer on the market.
This is the Best DVR & Traffic cam App I have found.
Fun & Engaging click me 59
Very responsive and awesome developer.
Gets better all the time.
Awesome software.
Usefulness click me 86
Thanks for keeping it up to date so quickly.
Always up to date and working perfectly.
A completely useful camera app.
Production Values click me 41
Stunning app.
Ease of Use click me 70
Great app very easy to setup and operate.
Very easy to setup and works very well.
I cannot find how to setup this option.
Love it so easy to set up and use well impressed.
Amazing features and so easy to set up and use.
Frequent updates and very easy to configure and use.
Easy to configure and use.
Reliability click me 55
Security & Privacy click me 90
I use this every day to monitor my home security cameras.
I use this app for monitoring my home security cameras.
I'm using this app with a swann security cam system.
I use this for my security cams and I love it.
Updates & Support click me 67
even tho without sound its rye sneer as lite version.
but works with the lite version.
99 and this guy has the best customer service.
Bad App / Horrible Customer Service.
I used the Basic version for quite a while.
He responded within minutes with a link and an explanation.
Plus the developer responds very quickly to feature requests.
Click blue bar for explanation of rating.
Awarded Best Software in Utilities category for 2011
Remotely access your video camera, digital video recorder, network recorder and webcam.

Over 1900+ devices supported. Use Scan Camera to automatically find compatible driver.

With 5+ years of development there are so many features they won't let me describe them properly so here's an overview.

Wide protocol and video format support include HTTPS, RTSP and ONVIF.

Features include matrix view, pan tilt zoom, home/lock screen widgets, grouping, encryption and in-app motion detection.
Support for 2-way audio, background audio, record mode with remote control and notifications.

Feature wise this is the best IP camera viewer app in my opinion. found in 308 reviews
Thanks for keeping it up to date so quickly. found in 11 reviews
Simply the best web cam viewer on android. found in 9 reviews
The best ipcam app i have ever found thanks Robert. found in 5 reviews
Best camera app on the market period. found in 3 reviews
Works well and the developer is very responsive. found in 6 reviews
Upgraded from apollo client for widget and multi window features. found in 5 reviews
Well worth paying for the app. found in 5 reviews
Works great for accessing my geovision system. found in 3 reviews
Works beautifully with the Axis cameras we recommend to our clients. found in 10 reviews
Developer support is just as important as the app it self. found in 3 reviews
Very nice and works really well. found in 2 reviews
2 years and counting. found in 2 reviews
after upgrade to paid version. found in 5 reviews
This is the Best DVR & Traffic cam App I have found. found in 6 reviews
Used it for the past year and it works wonderfully with my foscam. found in 4 reviews
I use it for three different Vivotek cameras and one Intellinet. found in 4 reviews
Best camera software for Android. found in 5 reviews
I have a network of Trendnet cams. found in 5 reviews
Samsung Galaxy & Nexus 7 takes long time to load. found in 11 reviews
Great app but needs a UI overhaul. found in 6 reviews
Please fix audio support and I will bump up my rating. found in 5 reviews
but I question why it needs the permission to record audio. found in 22 reviews
Please add full duplex audio support for JWEV-070230-BEVGT Wanscamp. found in 25 reviews
Talk option keeps on failing on galaxy note 4. found in 5 reviews
also needs ANDROID WEAR integration. found in 2 reviews
Please enable video record option. found in 4 reviews
Still won't connect to my home cctv system. found in 8 reviews
would be awesome if it worked with google tv also. found in 12 reviews
Would give five stars if zoom worked on Panasonic BB and BL cameras. found in 2 reviews
Very little issues getting it to work with our current security camera system. found in 2 reviews
Needs to allow reordering of cams in matrix view. found in 2 reviews
Good features but also needs a better UI with nicer graphics. found in 5 reviews
but I think you lost something when you removed public cams. found in 12 reviews
but the latest update is crashing and requires a re install. found in 4 reviews
Listen failed on nook color since there is no mic. found in 2 reviews
it phones home and then exits with "Please- un install. found in 8 reviews
Developer removed traffic cams from already paid for versions. found in 91 reviews
Became useless when the traffic cameras were removed. found in 50 reviews
Continually asks to re -install. found in 22 reviews
No camera feed after opening CamPro software after selecting speaker. found in 21 reviews
It dosent want to run more than one camera. found in 20 reviews
Bad App / Horrible Customer Service. found in 15 reviews
no longer works on Google TV. found in 12 reviews
Also slow to load up when it finally does work. found in 11 reviews
still no audio support for dlink cameras. found in 8 reviews
but the video picture quality is horrible. found in 7 reviews
but poor video quality. found in 7 reviews
rated better for multiple cameras.   rated better for remote camera.  
rated better for user friendly.   rated better for ip cam.  
rated better for baby monitor.  
"I prefer this interface compared to the clunky " IP cam viewer app."
"Simply the best IP cam viewer you can found on earth."
"I was using IP Cam Viewer free with foscams."
"Best IP cam software simple to use."
"ip cam is best software for camera view remote."
"This app + Foscam camera = Great baby monitor setup."
"Best baby monitor for mobile phones."
"Better then carrying actual baby monitor when traveling."
"Best baby mobile phone baby monitor app - The Audio transmition is amazing."
"Works great as a baby monitor using a IP Foscam."
"Use it 4 security purposes and for a baby monitor awesome."
"Extensive camera selection and works perfectly with IP Webcam app."
"best webcam app I've found for Tenerife by far."
14,169 total

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  • I have been using mine for a baby monitor and security.
  • I can watch live traffic with this app.
  • could do with a UI update.
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