Insulator is a fast, efficient way for Type 1 Diabetics to calculate the amount of insulin needed to bring their blood glucose to a healthy level. It's the best insulin dose calculator for Android. Insulator uses standard formulas sanctioned by the NHS and DAFNE, including the insulin-to-carb ratio, the 500 rule and the 100 rule. It supports both mmol/L & mg/dL so diabetics all over the world can enjoy simplified insulin calculations. The interface is designed to be clean, focused, simple-to-understand and easy-to-use, whilst adhering to the Android Design Guidelines. Insulator is made with passion by a diabetic, for diabetics. Give Insulator a try and see if it can make your life as a diabetic a little bit easier! (Insulator should only be used as a guideline. Seek guidance from a doctor if you are unsure about using the application.)

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