Get things done impromptu, without rigorous scheduling. ImprompDo aims to be the productivity service that bridges the gap between your to-do list/task manager and finding suitable moments to complete tasks. The days of managing choosing what items to do when and setting explicit reminders are gone. ImprompDo uses several metrics and machine learning, utilising onboard sensors, to determine suitable moments to push notifications about completing tasks. Please note that it can take up to a few weeks for ImprompDo to learn suitable moments. Continue to use your existing to-do list apps or websites to manage items, as long as these sync your tasks to Todoist or Google Tasks, you're good to go. Features include: •? You can be flexible in your available hours and frequency of notifications. •? Set tasks as complete without having to return to your to-do list/task manager. •? Not interruptible at that particular moment? ImprompDo won't keep pestering you and will let the notification expire after 30 seconds. •? Prioritisation of tasks allow you to keep a task in focus or delay it for the rest of the day. Also, those tasks with deadlines months away also won't show up so you can focus on getting more urgent tasks done. •? Battery performance is considered with the service designed to only active when it has to be, to have minimal impact on your device battery life; mostly for only a few seconds at a time. Permissions explained: •? "use accounts on this device", "add or remove accounts", "find account on the device" - Required to allow the sync of Google Tasks or Todoist through Google. •? "draw over other apps" - Required to allow task management without having to switch to another app. In a similar way to the Android volume change popup. •? "view network connections", "view Wi-Fi connections", "full network access" - Required for checking whether a network connection is active before sending/receiving data. •? "run at startup" - Required to allow the app to restart the scheduling itself when the device turns on. •? "retrieve running apps" - Required for data analysis. This does not contain any personally identifiable information. •? "stop the device from sleeping" - Required to allow for some background processing, this is only used where necessary and only for seconds at a time. Developed using research undertaken at Cardiff University. The use of the ImprompDo app requires agreement to the terms of the: disclaimer, privacy policy and end-user license agreement. Please refer to: or from within the app.

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