How Are You Feeling?


How Are You Feeling?

Everybody feels, but everybody also forgets. Whether it's chronic illness or pain, depression or just normal moods, keeping track of how you feel can give you insight into when and why you feel the way you do. And besides, it feels good to tell someone how you feel, even if that someone is your phone. How Are You Feeling? asks how you're feeling and logs your responses (for example, from "terrible" to "great") so you can refer back later or export the data to a file. When you enter your current feeling, you can also add a note to explain what or why, and you can hide the notes to prevent nosey interlopers from reading them over your shoulder. If you haven't entered a feeling for a long time (the time is configurable), How Are You Feeling? can notify you to update it. You can also install it as a widget on your home screen, which makes it easy to make entries without opening the app. By downloading this app, you agree to the EULA: Follow us on twitter: Keywords: mood tracker, feelings, CBT, cognitive behavior therapy, pain, depression, happy, sad, quantified self, self logging

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