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House Maintenance Schedule Pro

$1.99 Everyone android
Your house is the most valuable assets you own, so you need this application to keep it in perfect condition!

"House Maintenance Schedule" is a calendar application to log date of routine maintenance done to your home, and to remind you about the due date of the next maintenance. As a reference, it also has an easy-to-follow, month-to-month guide for maintenance works needed by you home. So you will always know when to do, and what to do to keep your house in good shape, avoiding disastrous financial loss when problems show up.

Key features include:

-Maintenance records and friendly due date reminder.
-Logs maintenances that need to be done annually, such as flushing water heater, inspecting fire extinguishers, pumping septic tank, changing oil for mower, checking safety reverse of garage door opener, sweeping Chimney and tuning up HVAC.
- Logs maintenances that need to be done every 6 months, such as cleaning lint from clothes dryer, cleaning water inlet filters of washer, changing smoke/CO detector battery, cleaning gutter/downspouts, inspecting roof/siding/exterior caulking, and cleaning range hood and filter. *
- Logs maintenances that need to be done every 3 months, such as changing water filter, changing air filter, checking water pump and sump pump. *
-A month-by-month guide about what is needed inside/outside of your house and in your garden and yards.

The application is developed by Thanks for your support!

* Only available in the Pro version.

Keywords: reminder, tips, property management, home project, real estate, home improvement

only available in the pro version. found in 1 reviews
Very nice app to help maintain your home. found in 1 reviews
An invaluable tool for home owners. found in 1 reviews
maintenance records and friendly due date reminder. found in 1 reviews
keywords reminder tips property management home project real estate home improvement. found in 1 reviews
Missing necessary features. found in 1 reviews
Missing flexibility and multiple home maintenance items. found in 1 reviews
Would be better if you could make your own custom reminders. found in 1 reviews
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