HATCHEDit Free Family Calendar


HATCHEDit Free Family Calendar

Hatchedit.com is a free, family calendar and family organizer that you can share with anyone - spouses, kids, best friends (BFFs), Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, etc. Share calendars, lists, photos (a private instagram just for your family and closest friends!) We have everything you need to coordinate your family, your circle of friends, or your groups - all in one place! Share your calendar and get the whole family organized. Its easy, its free. We turn your mobile phone into command central for managing your circle of busy family and friends. We make planning activities easy! Whether you are adding afterschool sports activities for the kids, or early morning doctor’s appointments before school, everyone’s calendars stay updated and synced. Best of all, we’ll always be free! Kids, tweens and teens can add and track homework assignments, and suddenly you can plan for that book report due mid month! Plan playdates for kids. Teens can plan sleepovers and make wish lists for holidays and birthdays! We're getting Rave Reviews! Hatchedit is getting rave reviews, from everyone from the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) to the team at WABC Chicago. Share us with your family and friends and keep everyone in the loop. Features! Shared free family calendar – Schedule events categorize them, and invite others along! Give grandparents permission to see the kids sports events. Give a babysitter permission to see your kids events while you are away. Share what you want with who you want. Make lists – and keep them organized. You can share lists with anyone in your network of family and friends. Everyone can add to one grocery list. You can create and update a chore list for kids. Its also great for making a list of things to pack for vacation, coordinating with friends and colleagues, your favorite books, or just leaving a little love note for a family member. Blogroll - Upset Google Reader is going away? ?Follow your favorite blogs and news RSS feeds in one place. I use mine to follow favorite mom bloggers Curate it - ?Photo sharing! Share pictures safely with family. Trust that they won’t go further than your closest friends and family. Let your kids share pictures and know they won’t be seen by the entire world. See a pair of jeans you want to buy online? curate a picture and save the link of where you found them! Its like having your own private Pinterest board - or an Instagram photo feed for just your family. Everything stays private, and cannot be searched. Inbox - Your family communications stay in one spot! RSVPs and Invitations to events, parties, celebrations are all easily accessible and easy RSVP to. Parent Tested Parent Approved Reviewers: "Yes it's better than a lot of websites out there for helping organize families. I love that I know my kids can add in their own schedule changes (such as rain-dates or class trips)." HATCHEDit is a free personal assistant that includes a shareable family calendar, to do lists, & more! Hatchedit lets you coordinate your calendars and schedules and share them with other people – such as grandparents, aunts/uncles, sitters, and close friends. We will help you organize your life and organize your family. Visit our full site at www.Hatchedit.com - Kids are safe because they only connect with the people in their family account. - Share calendar, TO DO lists, Photos, and more with their family account AND with other members (ie. grandparents, aunts/uncles, babysitters, close friends) - Share all or just certain types of events on your calendar (ie, sporting events, academic events) - Email invitations to events to your family and even to NON Hatchedit members - Daily email updates to members of your family account with an overview of the family calendar/photos, important updates (etc) Hatchedit is the only social calendar built to help you coordinate your life with your most intimate social network – your family.

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