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GTunes Music Download V8

FREE Low Maturity android
GTunes Music V8
Overall Satisfaction click me 83
Gtunes is the best music downloader & music player I've ever worked with.
Worst music downloader ever.
Best music app ever I can find almost every song I search.
Has a lot more song recognition and more search engines.
but needs more songs to download.
Finding all the music I want to listen too.
Much better than earlier versions.
I love it just wish it had some austin mahone songs and lwwy.
Fun & Engaging click me 58
Has a lot more song recognition and more search engines.
but needs more songs to download.
It has more music than any other music app.
But at one point it stopped letting me get more music.
This is an awesome music app.
Awesome apparently.
Usefulness click me 75
Always Has Up To Date Songs And Works Perfect.
Fast and has everything Im looking for so far.
everything downloads in a matter of a min or less.
Ease of Use click me 90
Easy downloads.
Love it it's awsome and easy to use.
Reliability click me 56
I've never found an easier or better app to work with.
It does not want to work with my S3.
haven't had any problems downloading songs that I was looking for.
Ads not Intrusive click me 52
I wanted it to stop asking me to rate it.
stop asking me to rate.
Click blue bar for explanation of rating.
This is GTunes Music V8, free version of Gtunes, you needn't pay for anything. Clicking search-button again to switch search engines.
A must have music application let you free download thousands of music and mp3 to your sdcard. You can easily manage these music in your sdcard including play, set, delete and so on, and also you can make your personal ringtune from music on your sdcard.

Tags: mp3 music download mtunes music junk tunee music downloader

Does wot it says on the tin. found in 1 reviews
Love the ringtone maker feature. found in 4 reviews
Much better than earlier versions. found in 2 reviews
Runs good better than the others i have tried. found in 3 reviews
Allows access to my entire library. found in 1 reviews
It's very fast and delivers good quality music. found in 3 reviews
MUST HAVE APP for all androids. found in 1 reviews
Lots of music to pick from so good for all ages. found in 2 reviews
I left off one star because it needs. found in 1 reviews
I don't like how many songs have fatal errors. found in 37 reviews
Its alright although they dont have alot of songs available. found in 28 reviews
a virus scanner would be nice and some songs don't download. found in 11 reviews
Cool app but it needs more songs like mozart / classical lullabies. found in 27 reviews
Pretty nice but still need more cause i cant find some songs please. found in 10 reviews
but hard to find some songs and then they won't download sometimes. found in 10 reviews
Also lots of songs wont preview or download. found in 7 reviews
Everything you want its there except for adding to playlist. found in 15 reviews
Nit as much as music junk. found in 7 reviews
They never have the moat update music available to down load. found in 16 reviews
I like it but it force closes alot. found in 4 reviews
But sometimes the songs won't really download. found in 9 reviews
If you do multiple song at a time the app doesn't even work. found in 11 reviews
aside from a few failed downloads and can't figure out why. found in 3 reviews
Doesn't have a lot of song that im looking for. found in 3 reviews
The music skips first starting to play needs fixing. found in 13 reviews
takes to long to load preview doesn't work all the time. found in 4 reviews
Always a fatal error when trying to download. found in 37 reviews
Can't find a lot of songs. found in 28 reviews
It doesn't even download music. found in 26 reviews
Keeps shutting down on galaxy s3. found in 25 reviews
Doesn't search the song I want :\ super slow searches -_-. found in 24 reviews
app doesnt allow you to preview song :-. found in 17 reviews
this program sucks eggs cant download any songs deletong now. found in 15 reviews
Ughh update new songs man. found in 15 reviews
I cant download very many songs at all. found in 14 reviews
Fails to down load 95% of the songs I try to download. found in 14 reviews
It does not want to work with my S3. found in 13 reviews
Most songs don't download just stay there v 6 is betyer. found in 11 reviews
You can't find any new music this app sucks. found in 11 reviews
rated better for gospel music.   rated better for load songs.  
rated better for finding songs.   rated better for ringtone maker.  
"Alot better than the other apps for creating ringtones."
"create ringtone is a small and easy."
"use bigvencoder to create ringtones."
"use bigvencoder to create ringtones."
"Hard to find songs and tracks are available here."
"About a 90 % success rate of finding song title and artist."
"Best app for finding the hard to find songs."
"Helps me find songs that I hear on the radio while driving."
"It has found hard to find songs and downloaded them practically instantly."
"Not only is this the BEST music downloader."
"Omg best music downloader app ever ive tried others their not as good."
"It's the best music downloader i've ever downloaded."
"Excellent music downloader would recommend to a friend."
"This is the best music downloader ever thank you google."
"simple and easy to use copyleft mp3 music downloader from public domains."
13,088 total

This app is popular with:
  • Awesome app for any music lover with a droid.
  • Gtunes is the best music downloader & music player I've ever worked with.
  • I hope they continue on creatin' more & more Gtunes music download applications.
  • I've tried more mp3 download apps than I can count.
  • Really like this app because you can listen to music.
  • could use a wider selection of music in the database.
  • Amazing easy to use and a wide variety of music.
  • It is super fast and has huge selection of songs.
  • Lots of old school music I couldn't find using other downloaders.
  • nice ringtone editor.
  • Great search results.
  • "And most times the engine cant find the song."
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