Funky Squid Goes Jumping


Funky Squid Goes Jumping

Funky Squid goes Jumping, the saga continues ! Thats right, Funky Squid is back, and he is not going to take it anymore. Well, he is, sort of. Seriously though, this game features our hero riding his underwater jump hover board (hey, in a game anything is possible, right?). All you need to do is jump at the right time, and at the right height, to make it through the stone openings. Go as far as you can, thats it. No timing to worry about. Just watch those reactions and snap, perfect! No complicated strategies here. No analytical thinking, or detailed analysis required. ?No siree, just tap at the right time, and hold that tap to jump higher. Thats it! So no, its not a thinkers game :) If you like to exercise your brain big time during a game (think chess) this is not the game for you. On the other hand, if you like a game you can get into and play in a few seconds, this is it. You know, those games where you need to kill 30 seconds. Think bank queues, when the boss is looking the other way, smoking a pipe, or, when driving home. Ok, I am kidding about the last one. Seriously, don't do that. Its a little similar to the Flappy endless games out there, but in this one you jump and swim instead of needing to fly, or run. Different type of adventure! What Android devices does this support I hear you ask? A lot of them. Yes we support tablets as well as phones. Throw your Android device at us and we will kick it back at you (hopefully it will also play the game). Funky squid is cute, and this may not be a 3D racing game, but is great fun whichever way you slice it. Come party! Put some funk in your life with Funky Squid goes Jumping by downloading it today!

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