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Emojidom Smileys Emoji in Chat

FREE Low Maturity android
PlantPurple B.V.
Overall Satisfaction click me 86
Been enjoying this emoji app very creative & cute.
I love the different looks and themselves of these little guys.
This is positively the very best smiley app there is.
more emoticons.
I use it everyday and my friends love the crazy faces.
It's so Cool and Funny i LOVE IT.
Great job dev.
Fun & Engaging click me 80
Love all the cute ways to add so many fun emotes.
I cannot get this to add my attachment icon.
This maKes texting and facebooking fun.
more emoticons.
Great fun app a must have.
I love all of the little emojidom figures I use them all the time.
Awesome App it's allot of fun.
Soo much fun.
Usefulness click me 76
The SMILEYS helps me express my thoughts with Heart.
I love this app I use it everyday at the faces are so adorable.
Ease of Use click me 67
Easy to attach to text messages.
Very easy to use plus tons of smileys.
It was awesome easy to use.
Easy peasy lemon squeasy.
It's so fun and easy to use.
Reliability click me 64
Ads not Intrusive click me 81
Updates & Support click me 30
Free version is awesome.
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★ Fun people use Emojidom to send creative messages ★

Tired of your creativity being limited by the boring old emoji keyboard? Then it's time to switch to Emojidom!

● Send emoji that display properly on any device (including iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry)

● Over 3,000 unique and original emoji and stickers (including black and asian)
● Send emoji to WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, LINE, WeChat, Skype, email, MMS, and many more.

● Best collection of emoji and stickers available anywhere. Most apps reuse the same boring old images and are limited to what is on the emoji keyboard. But "Emojidom Smileys Emoji in Chat" have over 3000 custom images that make up amazing collections of emoji that you won't find anywhere else.
● Want a new emoji or sticker? Tap "Request new emoji" and let us know. The best and funniest emoji ideas are chosen for the next app update.
● Create your own photo-icons and use them as emoji. You can't do that with an emoji keyboard!
● Shared emoji and sticker messages can be in HD - even on an old Android phone.
● Unlike iPhone emoji or the emoji keyboard, Emojidom emoji always work, whether you send the message to an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, tablet, or computer.
● Emoticons are larger than the iPhone emoji or the emoji keyboard.

● Naughty emoji (including the popular middle finger emoji)
● Love emoticons
● Grumpy Cat emoji
● Zombie emoji
● Emoji for holidays (Valentine's Day emoji, Mother's Day emoji, Halloween emoji, Thanksgiving emoji, Christmas emoji, New Year emoji …)
● Manga

● Open a messenger or a chat app, e.g. WhatsApp
● Tap the Emojidom icon on top
● Select any emoji. It's now in your chat!
You can do this in your standard Messages app, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, LINE, WeChat, Skype, imo, kik, Viber, GO SMS, KakaoTalk, textPlus, BBM, Cubie, Chomp SMS and more.

● Type your message with emoji inside Emojidom
● Tap the “Share” icon on top
● Choose from the list of apps on your device where you’d like to send it. Simple!

● Tap and hold any emoticon for 1-2 seconds
● Choose "Assign emoji to a contact" in the pop-up and tap any contact. Peek into your Contacts app, and you'll see the emoticon there!

● How to post emoji messages in your Facebook status:
● Attach smiley faces in WhatsApp:
● Attach smiley faces in LINE:
● Attach smiley faces in WeChat:
● ❝Can you add these emoji to an emoji keyboard?❞
➤ No. You can't "type" on an emoji keyboard with unique high resolution images that you can send to iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry users, so we send images that work on every device. If you want boring old low resolution emoji that only work on one phone type, then you should use the emoji keyboard.
● ❝Can I send my emoji messages via free SMS?❞
➤ No. SMS allows sending text only. Emojidom uses images which can be sent via MMS (as any other image).
● ❝Why do you need these Android permissions?❞
➤ You can review what they mean and how we use them at


Email us to - we respond quickly ☺

A nice way to express yourself and have fun texting. found in 15 reviews
I love the different looks and themselves of these little guys. found in 11 reviews
This maKes texting and facebooking fun. found in 11 reviews
This is positively the very best smiley app there is. found in 9 reviews
I use it everyday and my friends love the crazy faces. found in 9 reviews
It gives you different races instead of yellow emoji. found in 5 reviews
So many cute pics to choose from and easy to use. found in 5 reviews
I love this app I use it everyday at the faces are so adorable. found in 1 reviews
Plenty of choice however so slow to load. found in 10 reviews
but wish there were more to choose from. found in 3 reviews
Firstly I cant open it because it shows a black screen. found in 2 reviews
can you explain why you app needs all the new permissions. found in 2 reviews
But should add to snapchat because i have no emoji. found in 2 reviews
It's OK but need more choices. found in 2 reviews
Too many advertisements. found in 2 reviews
I cant send single emoji straight from the msg field. found in 3 reviews
Plenty of good emojis but the app needs to have the ability to share. found in 1 reviews
Takes lot of time to open when i want to attach a pic. found in 2 reviews
No problem on galaxy s4. found in 1 reviews
Needs one thing. found in 1 reviews
Awesome but i wish i didnt have to pay for the rest of them. found in 10 reviews
Its cool but it takes up the whole space. found in 2 reviews
It's awsome loads fast works great but the middle finger emoji. found in 7 reviews
Going 2 uninstall because of the coins. found in 1 reviews
Great bt fix some issues. found in 1 reviews
Cant get it in phones text app. found in 2 reviews
Wish I could attach to keyboard. found in 1 reviews
Looking for something you can install into your text messaging. found in 13 reviews
I cant send them vía HTC one M7 Text reg Message. found in 13 reviews
Won't let me unlock free coins every 6 hours. found in 9 reviews
Picture message waste of me time at least it was free. found in 4 reviews
Can't send via text message. found in 3 reviews
Why can't I send sms with it. found in 3 reviews
can't use thru my phones text messaging. found in 2 reviews
rated better for sending pics.  
"please adjust and I it will be the best emoticon app yet."
"My favorite emoticon app."
"LOVIN the best emoticon app I've found on play store."
"Will give 5 stars when Android version can send pics."
"Although sometimes when I go to send pics it acts up."
"Make it available to to send pics to regular numbers."
"I love the fact that you can send pics."
"I haven't been able to send pics for the past week."
"This app is so easy and simple actually send pics."
"Absolutely the best text messaging app on the market by far."
"Best text messaging app on the market and continues to get nice updates."
"This is the best text messaging app that i came across."
"Saves on text messaging plans and helps with call filtering."
"It has made text messaging much easier and visually appealing."
"Sends messages faster than my stock Text Messaging app."
65,593 total

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  • Been enjoying this emoji app very creative & cute.
  • Animated smileys.
  • send a message from emojidom.
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