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Data Enabler Widget

FREE Everyone android
Overall Satisfaction click me 76
Perfect thanks a lot.
Love it and would recommend it over any battery saving app.
Fun & Engaging click me 100
Awesome widget to help save some battery life.
Awesome widget.
Usefulness click me 96
Most useful widget ever.
And Saves time.
This app is very simple and useful to control data usage.
And now this app is immensely helpful.
I use the data enabler widget every day.
Ease of Use click me 84
Easy to turn on data connection with single click.
Thanks for a great and simple widget.
Note users best widget must have for simple shortcut.
Nice and very convenient for me.
Made my life so easy.
dead easy to turn internet on or off.
Reliability click me 10
Ads not Intrusive click me 45
Security & Privacy click me 21
Battery click me 97
This is a simple and efective way to save battery.
Saved battery and data.
Click blue bar for explanation of rating.
A widget to toggle "Data enabled" setting. No modification to APN, no wait to reconnect!

NOTE: This is a WIDGET, please add from Home screen after installation.

* Internet permission: To display AdMob ads.

Helps to conserve battery by turning off data when not using. found in 7 reviews
This is a simple and efective way to save battery. found in 13 reviews
Exactly what I have been searching for to add to my Bionic. found in 2 reviews
Being able to turn data off quickly and easily doubled the life of my battery. found in 2 reviews
Huge time saver for those on gprs budget. found in 9 reviews
This app is very simple and useful to control data usage. found in 2 reviews
samsung galaxy s plus i9001. found in 2 reviews
Works great on my Google Nexus. found in 2 reviews
Galaxy s GT i9000. found in 2 reviews
Instant data shut down equals instant battery savings. found in 3 reviews
Nice and very convenient for me. found in 2 reviews
Very handy for people with limited data plans. found in 2 reviews
helps to save a lot of battery juice. found in 2 reviews
How do you make it blue. found in 4 reviews
simple and sleek. found in 2 reviews
Beat app to quickly toggle data connection. found in 3 reviews
Very Usefull widget for my device. found in 1 reviews
Love it and would recommend it over any battery saving app. found in 3 reviews
this app is not working for lollipop 5. found in 5 reviews
Who said android doesn't allow third party app to modify data enabled. found in 4 reviews
One improvement would be to make it match ICS power control icons. found in 8 reviews
wouldnt mind a nicer icon. found in 2 reviews
Doesn't work on Samsung Galaxy Mini. found in 8 reviews
probably a phone problem. found in 2 reviews
Works but small on Galaxy S3. found in 2 reviews
but emails still come through. found in 2 reviews
Lacks good upgrade details. found in 2 reviews
but with one major issue. found in 2 reviews
Great idea but spotty performance. found in 2 reviews
This took 2 hours to download and wouldnt work. found in 6 reviews
5 stars if you atleast resize the icon to. found in 2 reviews
Please make this work on Android L. found in 6 reviews
But often gets error loading widget. found in 2 reviews
On motorola defy it doesn't work properly-when you switch manually. found in 10 reviews
Needs a better ICS widget. found in 4 reviews
Does not work with Motorola Defy. found in 10 reviews
doesn't work on Motorola RAZR Maxx xt912. found in 8 reviews
Goes to the wrong menu so completely pointless. found in 8 reviews
Not working on HTC desire. found in 7 reviews
Doesn't show up at all in widget list. found in 7 reviews
Permission change now needs internet access. found in 6 reviews
I think it doesn't work on android 4. found in 6 reviews
Says android wont allow apps to change the data enable option. found in 6 reviews
Going to uninstall. found in 6 reviews
Does not work on Samsung Transform. found in 5 reviews
Why the hell you need internet permission for. found in 5 reviews
rated better for get to sleep.   rated better for battery saving.  
rated better for disable data.  
rated better for data settings.   rated better for power control.  
"This is probaply the best power control widget on the market."
"Easily the best " power control " widget app out there."
"this is hands down "the best control widget " anyone could want."
"I like how it is actually customizable unlike the power control widget."
"This is a superior app compared to the stock power control widget."
"Definitely recommend as an alternative to the stock power control."
"Me and my entire family use this app to save battery life."
"it really save your battery I recommend that you download it."
"Works great to save battery and keep unwanted connections away."
"Helps save my battery & logs me out of things nice & easy."
"The best app to save battery as well as data plan."
"helps me save my battery and memory on my Android."
"It puts Me to sleep because my body feels relaxed."
"Puts me to sleep quickly and helps me sleep more soundly."
"The aum monk chanting puts Me to sleep really fast."
"Greatest selection of quality sounds - puts me to sleep every night."
"I live in a noisy building and this app puts me to sleep every night."
"The lullaby is amazing and it puts me to sleep within minutes."
16,689 total
  • Probably the best and most easiest data toggle on the store.
  • A perfect addition to Andorid's built in Power control widget.
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