Edulus VR Virtual Reality


Edulus VR Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) App of 1000+ models in 360 VR view.It is one of the best VR Apps. Enjoy Edulus VR App in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (AR). This VR app includes fun quiz VR Game for naming parts of the app. This is one of the best educational VR Games. One of the Only VR apps to have 1000+ models in VR and AR simultaneously. Record a VR Video with this Application. DOWNLOAD MARKER for VR app from this link: This is a magical virtual reality education app created for teachers to help bring science and math teaching alive in the classroom. The k12 virtual reality app includes 300+ Models for kindergarten to 12th grade . The app has been specially created to make science and math in schools fun, game like and stress free. The 3D virtual reality models help students understand complex biology, physics, chemistry and math 3d geometry concepts easily. The magical 3D virtual reality format holds the interest of the students in the classroom through stunning visualisation and aids understanding in ways not possible before. Teachers can now make their worksheets come alive with virtual reality models. Placing just a marker will make science worksheets and math worksheets come alive and excite, entertain and engage students! Virtual Reality worksheets for kids are the way forward and teachers will get a head start with this app. With STEM program in schools picking up speed the app aims to make STEM education affordable, interesting and accessible to schools with modest funding. Some of the awesome features in the app include: Virtual Reality View Augmented Reality View Stereoscopic 3D View Interactive 3D View The app supports Stereoscopic 3D as well as classic anaglyph 3D with blue-red glasses to make the models pop! Some of the Biology and Human Anatomy 3D models included in the app are: Human anatomy Skeleton system Digestive system Respiratory system Excretory system Animal cell Plant Cell Brain Arrangement and types of teeth Parts of Ear Sectional view of eye Bacterium Hydra Germination Parts of a flower Amoeba Paramecium Heart Nephron Neuron Kidneys Tissues Chromosomes Euglena Skin Reproductive system Endocrine glands skeleton Physics Models: electric circuit Flemings left hand rule Magnetic field lines Hypermetropia Myopia Convex lens Convex mirror Concave lens Concave mirror Magnetism Light Chemistry models: Atomic structure of 50+ elements including hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, Nitrogen etc. Molecular structure of benzene, carbon di oxide, methane, ethane etc. Electron dot structure of ethane, ethene Animal models: Animals include animated dinosaur, animated tiger, elephant, giraffe, fish, deer, stag, rhino, hippo, duck, dolphin, beetle, penguin, rat, scorpion, tortoise etc. Fruit models: Fruits like Apple, orange, mango, pomegranate, banana, guava, pear, pineapple etc. Flower models: Many flowers like hibiscus, jasmine, sun flower, lily, lotus, rose, tulip Christmas models: 10 types of christmas trees used across America. American history models: Important monuments like lincoln memorial, statue of liberty, liberty bell etc. Math 3D geometry: Surface area of Cube Surface area of Cuboid Surface area of Sphere Cool interactions available in the App are: Titles for each part Take apart individual parts Hide parts Highlight parts Set transparency Break up the whole model Analyse parts Take a screenshot of the model Pen tool for drawing Go ahead! Give it a try. You will love it!

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