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APN Manager

$1.39 Everyone android
81 Square
Overall Satisfaction click me 57
Thanks devs.
thanks to dev for this nice app.
Reliability click me 19
Had to make it a system app to work on ICS.
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Easily and efficiently manage your APN configuration, saving battery and money!

Main features:

- Enable and disable APN

- Widget to enable and disable APN
- Animations in app and widgets
- Manage your APN state from the notification bar

Additional features if you install APN Manager as System App:

- Insert and edit APN configuration (even hidden APN)

- Complete list of APN (not filtered by MCC and MNC)
- Widget to swap between two APN configurations
- Backup and restore APN

Available languages:

- English

- Italian
- French
- Spanish

main features enable and disable apn. found in 1 reviews
I am so grateful for this app. found in 1 reviews
galaxy s3 verizon 4. found in 1 reviews
Recent firmware update. found in 1 reviews
Stop being cheap and help the dev. found in 1 reviews
thanks to dev for this nice app. found in 1 reviews
Have been using this app for sometime and it's great. found in 1 reviews
Developer should add this to app description. found in 1 reviews
i made my verizon s3 i535 to work in europe. found in 1 reviews
Great app for telcel. found in 2 reviews
Works on simple mobile. found in 1 reviews
Free tethering. found in 1 reviews
It really works for Mexico's te. found in 2 reviews
I needed to do this to use the phone for net10. found in 2 reviews
I'm just mumbling to empty rooms though. found in 1 reviews
I'm writing this from El Salvador. found in 1 reviews
widget to swap between two apn configurations. found in 1 reviews
Upon downloading this apn app. found in 1 reviews
Happy addition to my android admin tools. found in 1 reviews
Force to close every time I try to edit an apn. found in 2 reviews
Program keeps crashing. found in 1 reviews
UPDATE: Does not work with ICS. found in 2 reviews
Uh huh. found in 1 reviews
a recent SE Arc S update seems to have broken it. found in 1 reviews
And apparently you can't uninstall the app either. found in 1 reviews
bought the pro and can get it to do anything wtf. found in 1 reviews
ICS does not allow 3rd party apps writing to system. found in 1 reviews
Force closes as soon as I try to activate any APN. found in 1 reviews
used to work properly. found in 1 reviews
Bought and was great but please android 4. found in 8 reviews
3 Application not working on Android 4. found in 8 reviews
Crashes all the time on jelly bean. found in 4 reviews
Failed to create a new apn. found in 3 reviews
Application doesn't work on ICS. found in 3 reviews
Please provide an update for ICS. found in 3 reviews
Paid for another app that is worthless. found in 2 reviews
Resolve this problem or refund the paiment. found in 2 reviews
But now that I'm on ICS it does NOT work. found in 2 reviews
Is not working with CM 9. found in 2 reviews
No ICS support. found in 2 reviews
Don't work just use apn backup and restore free. found in 2 reviews
Total trash. found in 2 reviews
353 total
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