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App may have been removed from app store. Try 'more like this' for alternatives.


FREE Low Maturity android
Overall Satisfaction click me 86
I highly recommend this app for Anime lovers.
I can watch all my favorite anima in good quality.
Way better than crunchyroll way way better highly recommend.
Motto to love -ru add it pls.
The only thing animeftw did right was unrivaled video quality.
Video quality is terrible.
Could use more English dubbed.
Possibly one of the best anime apps out there folks.
Grate app culd use some more shows on it.
Fun & Engaging click me 83
Could use more English dubbed.
Awesome Anime At your fingertips.
Grate app culd use some more shows on it.
it is still an awesome app.
Good anime lots of series hours of fun.
Ease of Use click me 95
simple to use app.
Reliability click me 66
But now after the new update it keeps crashing.
Ads not Intrusive click me 97
Updates & Support click me 24
I recomend paying for the premium version to support the development and updates.
Click blue bar for explanation of rating.
Animania, the #1 application for watching anime.

Most important features:

+ Includes over 1750 shows which are internally filtered to remove broken or not supported links.

+ Adding shows to your 'Watch List' making them easy accessable.
+ Ability to download episodes.
+ Integrated episode guide allows you to mark your episodes as seen.
+ A clean, easy and userfriendly interface of awesomeness.

Tags: anime stream watch episodes episode shows full live online free

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I highly recommend this app for Anime lovers. found in 159 reviews
Everything an anime streaming app should be. found in 31 reviews
This app is amazing and it's power rating is over 9000. found in 49 reviews
watching anime on my phone is easier than watching on my computer. found in 11 reviews
It's a really user friendly app and is always being updated. found in 10 reviews
Best in the World at what it does. found in 4 reviews
Was great while it lasted. found in 5 reviews
Best Anime app in the whole Market. found in 1 reviews
I recomend paying for the premium version to support the development and updates. found in 3 reviews
Best apps ever for otakus. found in 5 reviews
Huge library and plenty features. found in 3 reviews
Best app for streaming or downloading animes. found in 2 reviews
There are so many titles to choose from. found in 5 reviews
That's to deliver high- quality streaming animation. found in 3 reviews
Good anime lots of series hours of fun. found in 2 reviews
You guys are awesome. found in 2 reviews
Brothers Conflict and Hunter X Hunter 2011. found in 5 reviews
Clean interface with a large collection of up to date anime. found in 5 reviews
This is the best application to watch any anime. found in 3 reviews
Watched Dragon ball and Bobobo bobo bo. found in 10 reviews
but videos constantly say sorry this video cannot be played. found in 25 reviews
It keeps freezing and lagging when I try to watch something. found in 37 reviews
its good just wish there was more dubbed anime. found in 31 reviews
I had to miss that episode cos it was unable to play. found in 21 reviews
the developers told me that the video ads were temporary. found in 14 reviews
Couple of broken links but all in all not bad. found in 12 reviews
It's a good app however it needs more english language anime's e. found in 13 reviews
but I wish there could be more English dubbed anime. found in 38 reviews
Simply the best anime app but stop saving to external SD card. found in 3 reviews
please try later" One Piece episodes start from 400 something too. found in 20 reviews
I cant watched dubbed anime anymore. found in 9 reviews
Wish there were more dub options for pro users. found in 5 reviews
I get the error can't play the video when i tried watching. found in 11 reviews
Love the app but always crashed every time i watch a show. found in 5 reviews
Every time I try to watch anime it keep closing the app. found in 36 reviews
Great selection but needs work. found in 2 reviews
It really sucks for this app to become likr crunchyroll. found in 4 reviews
okay but it keeps crashing. found in 2 reviews
For some reason I can't download movies. found in 3 reviews
It crashes everytime I try to watch something please fix. found in 50 reviews
There's still a problem when I try to watch any anime series. found in 37 reviews
almost all anime series gets a " video cannot be played " window. found in 25 reviews
Unable to play video whenever trying to stream any any anime. found in 21 reviews
I used to love this app but now whenever I click an anime it force closes. found in 18 reviews
it sucks learn to update not to fail update. found in 17 reviews
You should really consider taking the video ads off. found in 14 reviews
It says "Cannot Play These Contents" when I try to watch an anime. found in 14 reviews
There is no anime episode list displayed at all. found in 14 reviews
Would give 5 but the ap closes evey time I try to view a. found in 13 reviews
and it says " Can't be played " then the download disappears. found in 12 reviews
Why cant play the video. found in 11 reviews
The app started to crash just when the new update was released. found in 11 reviews
this video cant be played. found in 9 reviews
But now can't view any of my favourited anime anymore. found in 9 reviews
Latest update sucks. found in 8 reviews
rated better for video player.   rated better for soul eater.  
rated better for watching videos.   rated better for watching shows.  
"The best way to watch anime when you're not at home."
"Great app to watch anime with Spanish subtitles."
"Perfect app to enjoy watching anime's best shows."
"This is the best app to watch anime ever."
"I use this app to watch anime alot while im in the bus."
"This is the best app to watch anime on the go."
"MX Player is back to its unmatched awesomeness."
"vlc plays movie files with dts much better than mx player."
"Much better than MX player as it plays DTS encoded files."
"This player is over a thousand times better than mx player."
4,446 total

This app is popular with:
  • easy to use and that download feature is great.
  • This app is a must have for anime fans.
  • It is an awesome application with a mega wide selection of anime.
  • When I get a credit card.
  • I would like to note that one guy made all this.
  • Use to use Flash Player 11 and Dolphin Browser.
  • variety of shows and out the box overall performance.
  • Download the " MX PLAYER " and "MX PLAYER CODES".
  • the subtitles are great and so is the sound/ picture quality.
  • "Now I can't even watch a single anime on it though."
  • "You don't need my precise GPS location."
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