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Shuttle Music Player

FREE Everyone android
Overall Satisfaction click me 88
Honestly this is one of the best music players out on the android market right now.
This is by far the best music app I have ever encountered.
it works like a charm and it's way better than the stock player.
after hearing the Adapt Sound quality on the galaxy s4.
Better than poweramp.
Thanks Mr.
Love the equalizer and the UI.
Fun & Engaging click me 84
Awesome player.
Congratulations on such an awesome music player.
often it play the same song over and over again.
Production Values click me 100
The user interface is beautiful.
The interface is beautiful.
I love its design and intuitive user interface.
Ease of Use click me 93
This is the best simple music player on android.
I love its design and intuitive user interface.
Very Clean easy to use music player.
Reliability click me 89
Few Bugs and Suggestions.
There's still some problems.
Ads not Intrusive click me 90
Updates & Support click me 71
Will purchase the full version to support the developer.
I also hope you'll enable embedded lyrics in the plus version.
Battery click me 99
Eating my battery life.
Click blue bar for explanation of rating.
Shuttle Music Player is a simple, lightweight and powerful music player for Android. Featuring a built-in equalizer, lyrics, sleep timer, gapless playback, artwork downloading and a clean, fresh Google Now style interface, Shuttle is the music player of choice for your Android device.

Follow me on Google+ to keep up to date with the latest, and for beta testing opportunities.

Upgrade to Shuttle+ for access to additional themes, Chromecast, tag editing and folder browsing support:

Features include:

- Playlists, batch add, swipe to remove, drag 'n drop

- Enqueue songs to play next
- Sleep timer
- Lockscreen controls (ICS+)
- Notification controls (Honeycomb+)
- Jelly Bean notification controls
- Gapless playback (Jelly Bean+)
- Optimised layout for phones and tablets
- Highly customizable widgets
- Headset button controls
- Album & artist artwork downloading
- Optional 'Google Now' style cards UI
- Gesture support (swipe to change track, swipe to remove from playlist, drag n drop playlist items etc.)
- Light, dark & mixed themes
- Scrobbling via Simple Last.FM Scrobbler
- Lyrics search via MusiXmatch & embedded lyrics support
- Voice search
- 6 band equalizer with bass boost
- Holo style UI throughout the app

Upcoming features:

- Car mode
- Compilation album sorting (sort by album-artist)

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This is the best music player in android market. found in 88 reviews
Been looking for a good music player for Android for a longgg time. found in 13 reviews
Honestly this is one of the best music players out on the android market right now. found in 100 reviews
Most beautiful UI I have ever seen in android market. found in 5 reviews
Highly recommended app for any music lovers. found in 5 reviews
Best music player I've seen for android. found in 3 reviews
This is mega cool Music Player i think. found in 4 reviews
Very Clean easy to use music player. found in 2 reviews
Great lightweight music player. found in 2 reviews
Display lyrics over album art - like Rocket Player. found in 2 reviews
UI looks great in tablets too. found in 2 reviews
Simple yet elegant UI. found in 2 reviews
Looks and feels great. found in 1 reviews
Sometimes simplicity is the best. found in 1 reviews
The best app for iPod refugees. found in 1 reviews
Love the equalizer and the UI. found in 2 reviews
I have searching for a good. found in 1 reviews
It displays the album art perfectly. found in 1 reviews
Still need to fix gapless it clicks not smooth. found in 7 reviews
I can't find the option to edit song tags. found in 2 reviews
i wish that the ability to scan only 'specific' folder is available. found in 2 reviews
The new ads in the lists are really ugly and intrusive. found in 2 reviews
Please fix it and 5 stars guaranteed. found in 2 reviews
The only problem is it lags when scrolling. found in 1 reviews
But worst thing is cant play. found in 2 reviews
The equalizer doesn't seem to work. found in 2 reviews
Great except one thing. found in 2 reviews
doesn't do gapless though. found in 1 reviews
Workd great but free version is limited - Doesn't show artist captions. found in 1 reviews
Best app with small problem. found in 1 reviews
Has gotten very buggy recently. found in 1 reviews
Sometimes the song doesn't change in the notification. found in 2 reviews
Smooth but need some extra ordinary functionality. found in 1 reviews
poor reliability. found in 1 reviews
Good but issues with album art. found in 1 reviews
Crashes whenever I try to play a song from the library. found in 17 reviews
Fix the slide to delete. found in 4 reviews
New update sucks. found in 2 reviews
It keeps slowing down and freezing. found in 2 reviews
rated better for media player.   rated better for audio player.  
rated better for favorite music player.   rated better for current song.  
rated better for one music.   rated better for music lovers.  
rated better for gapless playback.   rated better for band eq.  
"This is the best music player out there with Flac audio supported."
"This is the best music player app for android I've ever used."
"This is the best music player app hands down free or paid."
"This is by far best music player out there in the market."
"This is by far the best music player app I have ever downloaded."
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7,368 total

This app is popular with:
  • A great alternative to Google music player with a slick customisable widget.
  • Sleep Timer and an Equalizer.
  • The Cleanest and Greatest Android Music Experience.
  • Disappointed that I have to pay to get a pink theme.
  • "Takes a while to load music."
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