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All-in-One Drum Pads

FREE Everyone android
Dark Blood Studios
Overall Satisfaction click me 76
but it really needs a way to be able to record.
Excellent application for music lovers.
It has good sound quality.
Best music app ive used so far.
Best android synth /drum pad.
3 im totally in love with this app.
Fun & Engaging click me 82
Could use more dubstep sounds though.
Killing time and making some awesome beats.
Tons of fun for free.
This app is really awesome for a free app.
Good simple fun.
This is super duper fun to use.
Usefulness click me 79
i can play everyday.
Ease of Use click me 83
Good simple fun.
Fairly intuitive to use.
Good little app with clear easy instruction.
Solid easy drop-it-low fun.
Reliability click me 100
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Get now All-in-One Drum Pads from the developer of Dubstep Drum Pads, Electro Drum Pads, Hip Hop Drum Pads, Rock Drum Pads and Synthetic Drum Pads.

Get lost in the musical and creative flow of All-in-One Drum Pads. Whether you are a beginner or a professional musician doesn't matter. Use it as a drum maschine, drum computer or soundboard.

Every pad gives you a drum sound or a melodic special effect.

Download now for free!

- Full HD
- Multi-touch with up to 10 fingers (if your device supporting it)
- 60 sounds
- Adjustable Pitch
- Adjustable pad colors
- Adjustable number of pads
- Adjustable pad sounds

All-in-One Drum Pads 1.0:
- none
All-in-One Drum Pads 1.1:
- bugs fixed
All-in-One Drum Pads 1.2:
- bugs fixed

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You can play Dubstep Drum Pads for free, but you can buy In-App-Items like new song packs for real money. Use the Google Play Store App to set a password for purchases.

Excellent application for music lovers. found in 6 reviews
Best I've always wated to make dubstep. found in 4 reviews
Great fun app. found in 2 reviews
Best android synth /drum pad. found in 2 reviews
Loveeee this app. found in 2 reviews
Best app ever for DJs and producers. found in 2 reviews
This FREE app is even good quality for my professional needs. found in 1 reviews
velocity control would upgrade this app to performance tool. found in 2 reviews
Its a really good program. found in 4 reviews
This is the best drum pad/ dub step maker out there. found in 4 reviews
awesome time waster when I'm not on ableton. found in 2 reviews
Perfect for musicians and casual users. found in 1 reviews
better than most time killing apps / games. found in 2 reviews
It's cool beans. found in 1 reviews
No comments except for no record button. found in 23 reviews
Very good but I wish record option was available. found in 19 reviews
Needs a record and render option but overall. found in 14 reviews
Pretty cool I made a little song but cant record it :/. found in 8 reviews
Needs more sounds and a record button. found in 10 reviews
Awsomewould be five stars if I figured out how to change the colors and. found in 7 reviews
Would be 5 stars if you could loop and record sounds. found in 11 reviews
I wish you could record and loop things. found in 8 reviews
Brill app Could be better if you could record :-. found in 5 reviews
Please add loop play/ record and save options. found in 8 reviews
But u need to make a saving option mmmmk thnx. found in 3 reviews
but it needs a save settings button. found in 3 reviews
Please update this you guys are doing a great job thanks. found in 2 reviews
but there should b more sound effects. found in 3 reviews
but it really needs a way to be able to record. found in 41 reviews
Cant change sounds. found in 5 reviews
would be amazing if you could record and make loops as well. found in 5 reviews
Poor UI and functionality. found in 2 reviews
It's a 5 star app but I gave it a 4 star because I. found in 2 reviews
Its really great but it took a really long time to download. found in 5 reviews
What is the point of this app if you cant record. found in 8 reviews
Can't find the menu button on TabPro 8. found in 5 reviews
it freezes after 5 seconds on mt samsung epic touch. found in 2 reviews
It show me the messenger " package invalid " when i completed download. found in 2 reviews
rated better for beat pad.  
rated better for musicians.  
"like a real drum set helps you practice like a real."
"Various drum set great graphics with realistic sounds."
"turn your phone or tablet into a complete drum set."
"but it does make me miss having a real drum set."
"Best drum kit sounds app I played since whenever."
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  • all in 1 drum machine.
  • It has good sound quality.
  • Awesome to annoy people around.
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